Cathy Davys of Cathy Davys Hair Design & Day Spa, Wellington NZ - detailed results from special promotions

Cathy Davys of Cathy Davys Hair Design & Day Spa, Wellington NZ – detailed results from special promotions

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How Just 3 Promotions Brought in an EXTRA $15,047 in August

IC member and Toolkit owner Cathy Davys is a believer in simultaneous, sustained action for bigger sales and more clients, and she’s certainly delivering those results, from what she tells us in an email today.

Cathy drove three separate marketing campaigns in August costing a total of $1,892 for a total return of over $15,000 – that’s a Return on Investment of nearly 8 to 1.

“We ran an Unlimited Foils deal – with a poster in the window an ad in the Capital Times – the price was $139 and we sold forty seven packages for a total return of $6,533.

“We also sent out a ‘Best Massage in Town’ offer by email to 608 clients who’d had massages here previously, and sold 66 of those @ $99…for a total of $6,534.

“Plus we pulled in another $1,980 with an ad for a Winter Retreat package for $99, selling 20 of those. So all in all, a pretty good month, $15,047 in extra sales over and above normal trading.

A HUGE thank you to WSM – we are up for an industry award for top marketing salon, will know on Sunday at an awards presentation.

I joined Worldwide Salon Marketing 2 years ago, I love marketing and seeing results.

Since joining we have used theToolkit, New client letters, Raise the Dead letters,  Queen of Referrals, Gave away $120 worth of $10 vouchers for the opening of our NEW Salon March 2008. We do a pre-pay which we call the Platinum club and the Platinum Plus. We were doing this before, and of course the Hollywood woman (series of flyers), for both hair and beauty.


Cathy and her team at their Wellington (NZ) salon

Cathy and her team at their Wellington (NZ) salon

We have two salons of which I have just franchised one. They are both Hair and Beauty which is our point of difference. I love women to feel pampered and relaxed in a fun environment and we do a lot of cross marketing and up selling between the two.

In the flag ship store we have a team of 20. I have always loved Marketing but with the Toolkit and a large team to keep motivated and busy, the Toolkit simplifies the process and when you follow it to the letter it always works.

Setting up the computer so you can track the returns is very important as is knowing and watching the cost of the marketing. The monthly CDs get played in the car and all the Member newsletters are in a folder and used at team meetings. This endorses the promotions and stops any negativity from tam members, this occasionally used to happen but doesn’t now as the team see the positive outcome of packaging services up. All it is, is doing what we already do but with added value.

I love having WSM as it saves time and is extremely cost effective.”