Bev Bowman & Rosemaree Jones of Beautique in Cooranbong, NSW - a $160,000 increase in sales in one year thanks to the Toolkit

Bev Bowman & Rosemaree Jones of Beautique in Cooranbong, NSW – a $160,000 increase in sales in one year thanks to the Toolkit

Beauty Salon Template Inner Circle Member of the Week: $160,000 increase in one year


Bev Bowman of Beautique Beauty Medispa in Cooranbong, NSW writes:

“I have wanted to write to you for a while now to let you know how happy we are with your salon marketing program and our increased sales. We attended the Sydney conference in August 2008 so I thought it may be a good time to share how we have been going since we have had the program for 12 months now.

Firstly, a little background on our business, Rosemaree Gough Jones and I have been in this business for almost 30 years and have made plenty of mistakes etc along the way but also learned as well.

So what have we achieved? An increase of just under $160,000 since joining the program taking our sales up from $1.565mil to $1.725mil, and to see those figures makes you feel that it isn’t going to be too hard to take it up to the $2mil mark, our goal for the next year.

We have been involved in everything that we thought would help us grow and develop, from reading everything we could get our hands on, to attending seminars and using the services of a business coach (that was an extremely expensive exercise without the results but that’s another story). Just to make sure we were doing it right I even went to University to get a Masters in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing and guess what they taught me (yes pretty pictures etc) but nothing has got us the results that your program has.

Our new client letters that we sent out for August has already returned $5000 of sales, can’t wait to see how much this will be in a year’s time.  So for our original investment of $8029 for the membership we have a return of $160,000. I definitely don’t know of any better investment than that!

I know you expect to have your members double their turnover in the first year (and if we had  I would be writing this email from the Bahamas) but we had been sending out a lot of the direct mail already, birthday letters, new client letters, Raise the Dead, newsletters etc.  So maybe we haven’t doubled, but the result we have achieved by changing the way we do a few things as per your program have been outstanding for us.

Not only has it increased sales it has got us thinking on a whole new level and I can’t wait to implement other parts of the program. You know we haven’t done any letter box drops or advertising yet in newspapers etc, all this has been achieved with our existing client base and implementing a few changes.

Looking forward to the 14th September in Sydney* see you there. Thanks again, Beverley Bowman.”

* Bev will be among the Inner Circle members participating in our Closed Door Mastermind session following Monday’s Road to Riches salon marketing seminar at the Novotel Brighton Beach Hotel in Sydney. And for Inner Circle members only, she’ll be my Special Guest, along with fellow IC member Gail Smith, on our next CD of the Month, to be recorded next Wednesday. Look out for the CD in your next IC Member’s Only newsletter.

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