Hair Salon Template Superstar of the Week – Lucyanne Tipoki of Xpertise Hairdressers, Kaikohe, NZ

The Promotion that brought in $2,200 in 3 days for Xpertise Hairdressers in Kaikohe.

Every week I have dozens of phone calls from salon owners asking about our Inner Circle program and more often than not I hear that old chestnut…”but I am in the wrong area of town, it won’t work for me, there’s not enough people in my area, it’s the wrong demographic….blah, blah, blah”.

I feel like saying to them “try telling that to Lucyanne Tipoki!!!”  Lucyanne, owner of Xpertise Hairdressers, is in the small sunny Northland town of Kaikohe where there is a population of ONLY 3000, and she is letting NOTHING stand in her way!

Lucyanne Tipoki from Xpertise Hairdressers in Kaikohe, NZ

Lucyanne Tipoki from Xpertise Hairdressers in Kaikohe, NZ

In fact, Lucyanne says that she often gets visits from other salon owners in her town trying to find out what she is doing and why she is always so busy, while they are twiddling their thumbs in utter boredom.

Lucyanne had been in business for almost 20 years, doing pretty well but in the last couple of years she was starting to see a huge decline in business and the stress was mounting.

“Things were getting stale, no excitement was happening and I think my clients were feeling it too.  I was almost ready to close my doors”

Fortunately Lucyanne made the decision to turn her business around.  She joined the Inner Circle program in May this year and got her own copy of the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit®.  And the rest shall we say, is history!  Here’s what Lucyanne has to say about the Inner Circle program and how it has changed her life massively in just SIX months….


I received a flyer in the mail and what caught my eye were the words, SECRET TO SUCESS AND ROADS TO RICHES on the flyer.  But I put the flyer down and completely forgot about it until the next flyer came in the mail 2 weeks later.  I re-read the flyer again and I took action and joined the Inner Circle program.

I had attended the seminar in Auckland last year and I was very impressed and learnt a lot in that short amount of time.  I didn’t join that day because I had been in over draft and out of credit for a few years.  I knew I was going to join somehow.  It took me almost another 6 months since seeing the program to join and I must confess I was trying to come up with my own ways of writing ads and letters but after hours and hours of working it out, I just gave up and thought blow it, I am just going to join, (knowing that worldwide marketing has already done the written work for all their members).

So since I’ve joined the IC program it has added a whole new outlook on how to run a more exciting, fun, stress free, business.  It has changed my life.  It almost feels like I’ve just opened up a brand new business and it feels like I’ll do 100% plus better than the last 20 years.

It’s great receiving heaps and heaps of already proven ads or ideas from other members.  I love it as it’s almost like everyone is about helping each other out.

My most successful campaign so far was the Unlimited Free Foils deal.  I put the ad in our local Northern News and it cost $200.  Within 3 days I had sold 25 unlimited foils packages and made $2,200 extra in turnover.  10 out of those 25 clients were upgrades too so I increased my average client spend and 15 of these people have become regular clients.

The people in the far north thought I had won lotto. To give a way something for free in the far north is very rare.  People thought I was crazy.  (It has been a big eye opener to potential clients offering value for money in my ads because it has hardly been done in the hair and beauty industry).  But hey, they took the offer and it has been an amazing response.

The phone kept ringing for weeks and still does.  I am known now for ‘Hey, are you the salon that always offers amazing packages’.  It’s cool and I am happy to say ‘YES I’ve always got something free to give away’.”

*And it’s important to note here that with every promotion Lucyanne does, she gets it out there in as many ways as she can to maximise her response.  It’s on her answer machine, in her shop window, in her monthly newsletter, it’s posted to her existing client base, dropped in letterboxes and much more.  She takes MASSIVE action!

“I now spend about one to two hours a day on marketing as it keeps me all hyped up and excited ready for the next promotion.  I plan to triple my turn over and work more on the business than in the business.  I could do marketing full time.  I love it.”