Salon Template Superstars – Inner Circle Member of the Week, Jaye Clark – New Zealand

The Mailbox drop that cost $161 and brought in $8811 in service plus retail

Jaye Clark webJaye Clark from Synergy Vitality Spa in Tauranga joined the Inner Circle program in June 2009 and has hit the ground running.  Jaye has owned her already successful salon for 7 years now and like many salon owners when they first join our program she was a bit skeptical as she had used other programs in the past that hadn’t worked.  Needless to say, after using the tools and techniques in the Essential Salon Owners Marketing Toolkit™, Jaye is a Worldwide Salon Marketing convert…

“I joined Worldwide Salon Marketing mid June 2009. The support and mentoring has been wonderful.

I believed I was pretty organized with my marketing, but the 100’s of marketing strategies and templates available through Worldwide Salon Marketing has been inspirational. The regular email contact and reminders just keeps me motivated.

The Inner Circle membership allows me to see and hear other Salons ideas and great outcomes, once again, really inspirational.

I am getting great results, an example being  the $99 facial packages.  We have put out 250 flyers per week for six weeks with the great offer and booked 89 packages from it, producing $8811.00 plus retail sales. I printed 2500 flyers for $161.00. 1500 flyers have been delivered.”

When I first spoke with Jaye, she was very clear about what her goals were.  She knew how much she wanted her average client spend up, she knew exactly how many new clients she wanted and within what time frame she wanted all this to happen.  This goal setting is part of the key to her success.  Instead of saying, ‘I want more clients and I want more money’ she has actually put specific figures on these goals so she can visualise it, measure it and achieve it.  We’re thrilled to report that she is well on her way to surpassing these goals, so soon we can re-assess and make new goals.

Congratulations Jaye on being our Worldwide Salon Marketing New Zealand member of the week!