Salon Marketing Tools: How a FOOL IDEA helped this US salon owner DOUBLE her sales…in two weeks.


“…We are stoked and plan to run this sale the entire month of June in 2011!”

Inner Circle member (3 years) Molly Verbrugge of Indulgences in Little Rock, Arkansas, is justifiably glowing after a Worldwide Salon Marketing promotion she used for just two weeks in June this year boosted sales to $81,235 – a staggering DOUBLE her takings of $41,956 for the same two week period in 2009.

Now if that doesn’t get your attention, you’d have to be comatose from the neck up.

It came about after a coaching call with Tim & Kanna Reilly in our Arizona office, after they’d modified and implemented a WSM marketing campaign in their own clinic in Scottsdale.

“After speaking with Tim and giving my review of our discussion to Leslie (my spa manager), she and I decided we might benefit from running the promotion ourselves! Well, we started running the sale on June 17th.

We sent email blasts along with approximately 5 newspaper ads totalling a cost of around $750. We began the sale on June 17th and it ran until July 3, 2010. Last year during the time-frame of June 17th thru July 3rd, we had total revenues of $41,956, this year our total revenues were$81, 235!!!

We are stoked and plan to run this sale the entire month of June in 2011.

Thank You Tim and Kanna and Worldwide Salon Marketing for your invaluable marketing ideas!

Husband-and-wife team Tim & Kanna Reilly’s Body Solutions Laser & Skin in Scottsdale, Arizona, grew 63% in 2009 – after a massive 500% increase in 2008 – thanks to the marketing and ‘sales thinking’ tools in the Inner Circle marketing & mentoring program…

Successful marketing is NOT about re-inventing the wheel, unless you’re particularly a) rich, and b) prefer to risk your money on experimentation. Tim and Kanna had proven this particular strategy works, having rolled it out with massive results every year for three years.

Here’s how Kanna describes the promotion:

“We started it in 2008 when we came to our One Year Anniversary, and now do what we call the “Penny Sale” every year.  It happens to be June.  We ran the Penny sale for the entire month.

We printed the copy on paper with US pennies around the borders.  We also e-mailed out to our database of customers 4 times that month.  No other advertising at all, just e-mail and in store flyers! You can also mail out to your client database in an envelope with pennies printed on it.  This year our total gross sales for June was up 62% over our average monthly sales.

We originally did this for a few reasons:

1.  To let clients know that we are celebrating our anniversary and to let them know that we appreciate their patronage and loyalty and to reward them we offer the penny sale.

2.  July and August are brutal in Arizona as our temperatures reach 110 degrees F and over.  Many people leave town for weeks on end to avoid the heat.  So in order to boost sales and keep people coming in we offer the Penny Sale.  Originally, this helped us pay the rent for the two months in advance while our books were slower in the beginning for those hotter months.  You can also use this strategy to pre-pay for equipment investments or Salon renovations etc.

What we found:

1.  We found that many of our higher margin, more costly services was what people bought the most of (which was fine with me).

2.  We also found that clients purchased services they didn’t regularly come in for or had never tried before.

3.  We received and still receive more referrals in the month of June than any other month of the year.

There are many ways to use this program. You can run it for only a few days, or a few weeks, or for the entire month as we do.

Remember to remind your client base about the Penny Sale and when it will end.  We had a majority of our sales come in the final week as people rushed in or called their orders in by phone.  And when we ran our final e-mail  that in 24 hours the sale would be over we could hardly keep up with the phone volume.

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About The Author

Greg Milner

Greg Milner, CEO & Founder, Worldwide Salon Marketing. Greg is a writer, marketing consultant, direct response advertising expert and former TV producer. Since founding WSM in 2004, he's coached and guided more than 4,000 salons & spas all over the world in all aspects of marketing, both online and offline. The tools and templates he and his team have developed are used by salons & spas on every continent. He is the author of the industry-standard direct response marketing manual, Simple Salon Marketing, and the e-book Rich Salon Owner.