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Any teenager with a laptop can build a website these days. That’s the easy bit. But making it work, and getting it found by people looking for a salon in your area? That takes skill, technical knowledge, and design craft.

We’ve built more than 500 salon websites. Take a look at some examples below.

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We are absolutely over the moon with our site & have had instant response with online booking & clients responding to leads from the site. Thanks to Greg & the team who were professional & this was a fast no fuss project for me thankfully, as my computer skills are way below basic.
Sonja Boyes, Beauty Finesse, Kingaroy QLD

Worldwide Salon Marketing built my first website ten years ago, and it brought in millions of dollars in business. They’ve just redesigned it, and I love it
Tracey Orr, Absolute Beauty, Launceston.

We already had a website but it was clunky and hard to manage. WSM did a complete rebuild, doubling its size and it’s so much more usable and functional.
George Astropolitis, Chroma Hair, Highgate Hill, QLD

Many thanks to Greg and his wonderful team at Worldwide Salon Marketing for the amazing new website they created for my business Escape Skin and Body. Every request I made was met with efficiency and promptness. It made my whole experience very seamless and positive. The communication between Greg and his team was flawless, and I would highly recommend them to any salon owner needing an overhaul of their website. Thanks so much to both Greg and Rose. A job well done!
Effie Tsopoulos, Escape Skin & Body, Hobart

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What services does your company offer? For example (apart from the normal facets of website design) are you able to provide hosting, copywriting, e-commerce solutions, and digital marketing services such as social media, SEO, or PPC?

Essentially, yes to all of the above. We set up and install shopping carts, we advise on and set up Google and Facebook ad campaigns and manage them on an on-going basis, we host and maintain websites. Direct response copywriting can be discussed with us on an individual basis. We’re good at it:-)

2. Do you custom design websites in house or utilize pre-made templates?

We custom-design sites. We don’t use templates as such, although we do use various ‘themes’ which sit on the WordPress platform.

3. What strategies will you use to generate revenue for this site? Are there proven strategies that you would typically incorporate into a site design based on past experience?

It depends. We build websites from a sales and marketing perspective, not just to look pretty. So every site we build (more than 500 of them so far) is built for the purpose of a) getting noticed in search results, b) generating leads, and c) getting phone calls and bookings. Once the site is live, it’s then up to the owner of the site (in consultation with us if required) to implement strategies to drive traffic to it.

That can be achieved in many ways – by using the business’s email list, by ads in social media and Google, by social media activity, SMS etc.

4. How will this project be managed? Will there be a specific point of contact, a timeline for the different stages etc.

We use a project management portal called Teamwork. All involved in the project use this portal to communicate, send messages, upload and download files etc, rather than endless email threads. That way, nothing goes missing.

5. Would you specifically devote time to analyzing our business, market and competitors?

If required, we can do, however only the owner of the business can know their market intimately. Having said that, when it comes to marketing, online or offline, ALL businesses are essentially the same; Marketing is entirely about the right Message, to the right Market, using the right Media.

So, like any other marketing asset, for a local business, a website has only three functions: 1) to be found at the top of search results, 2) to generate phone calls and bookings, and 3) to collect the names and contact details of potential clients, so they can be marketed to via email, SMS and any other means.

6. Who will be working on this website? Will one person be responsible or team of individuals?

No one person has all the skills necessary. Gone are the days of a backyard “IT Guy” being able to do everything. So, one person designs and builds the site. An SEO specialist works on making sure the site is set up the best possible way for search results. Another team member specializes in digital advertising if required.

7. Estimated time to complete building of website?

From payment of deposit, we generally work on about a month to first draft, and if required, another month to make changes and get the site live. But it depends to a large degree on the supply of content (text and images) by the owner of the business.

8. How much input will I have with the website design?

As much as possible. We expect and insist that our clients are fully across all aspects of the project. We can only go so far, making suggestions on layout and providing examples, but in the end, the owner has to decide. The more you change your mind, the slower and more expensive the project becomes.

9. What happens if the initial design does not meet expectations?

You get to see the design as it progresses. We give you a link so you can at any time see and ask for changes to the layout.

10. What information do you require to assist in the startup of this project?

Basic stuff. Page headings and sub-headings, text and images for each page. Bear in mind that less is not more, more is more. You cannot have too much content. More words and more images/videos is good for SEO purposes.

11. If required will the website be built to expand should the business grow?

Yes. Websites are not and never should be ‘finished’. They are a dynamic, yet silent sales person. All websites we build are infinitely expandable.

12. Can you assist in creating a logo for the site?

Yes, if required. Having said that, we wouldn’t suggest putting too much effort or money into designing a logo. Simple is best. In the history of human habitation of the planet, a logo alone has never made a single sale, nor raised a solitary lead.

13. Can you assist in providing images for the website?

Yes, we have access to a library of royalty free images. We can supply as many of these as you wish, at minimal extra cost.

14. Will any of the work be outsourced?

No. All of the work is done by full-time staff.

15. Will the website be compatible with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices?

Yes, of course. No point building a website if it doesn’t work on a phone, since more than 70% of websites are looked at on phones.

16. Do you build search engine optimization into websites?

Yes. Part of the process is making sure that the site has all the on-site SEO ‘juice’ in it. Meta tags, keywords, we even make sure all the images are optimized with relevant meta-data in the Exif file. Most web developers don’t pay any attention to this. (It requires some software to be installed on the server to make sure that WordPress doesn’t strip out the exif data. We have this software on our servers, so if we are hosting the site, that’s not a problem.

17. How do you determine keywords for a website?

We research keywords relevant to the business, and make sure they are used. Obviously, the text content you supply needs those keywords contained in it too.

18. Do you perform other SEO services?. Will these services can be included in the scope of the project or will they be billed separately?

Aside from the initial on-site SEO, which is included in the build, we provide an on-going organic SEO service. This involves adding blog posts to the site, establishing and building out backlinks and citations from elsewhere on the web (directories etc) and also optimizing and updating your Google Business Listing. This is a monthly fee, no contract. Details are on our website here.

19. What type of content management system would be used?

We build the sites using WordPress and Divi. Divi is a front-end content builder. It means not having to deal with code. You build or edit pages on the front end. You can do that yourself once the site is live.

WordPress is the Content Management System.

20. Do you offer e-commerce services? For example online booking facility, shopping carts, ability to add discounts, inventory control; customization; reporting, and SEO integration?

Yes, we set up shopping carts, usually with Woocommerce and Paypal, but there are other options. We can integrate existing ecommerce and appointment booking assets if you already have them.

21.What type of IP address will be assigned to the website? Are we looking at a unique IP address rather than a static IP address?

A static IP address.

22. Will the functionality of the website be tested before it goes live?

All functions are stress-tested before it goes live.

23. Will I own this website once it’s completed?.

Yes. You own it, you can take it wherever and whenever you like. We only host it if required, although most of our members find that convenient, since they only have to make one phone call when something goes wrong. (And it does. No technology is perfect.)

24. Who owns the site’s artwork should it be supplied by you?

If you’ve paid for it, you own it.

25. Do you offer web hosting services?

Yes, we host, maintain, secure and back up the websites we build.

26. Will you integrate social media into the website design?

Yes, always. We also integrate other assets, like Google My Business and YouTube.

27. Do you offer on-going maintenance after the site goes live?

Yes, as part of the hosting. That means technical maintenance; making sure everything keeps working. If regular content updates are required, we’re happy to discuss.

28. How do you measure results after the site goes live?

You will be able to measure results, via your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts.

29. Will we be able to access my website statistics without contacting you?

Yes, in the site’s dashboard, and via Analytics.


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