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Simple Salon Marketing... the Industry Standard direct response marketing manual, for salon & spa owners who want a steady stream of clients coming back for more, more often...but don't know how.  

313 pages, done-for-you marketing & promotion templates - written by Rich Salon Owner author Greg Milner.

Used, tested & proven by more than 4,400 salons & spas worldwide.
Over $1.5 million in sales.

Sharon-Lee McGaw

“…one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

The manual helped me transform my business marketing and allowed me to take my business to a whole new level. My business income has increased seven fold.

Sharon-Lee McGaw CH Laser & Dermal, Queensland
Nadine Bastien

“I came from nothing,  being a chair renter to now having my own salon with 2 full time stylists and a chair renter of my own. Thanks to this manual I have a successful salon. Read the manual, implement the procedures into your salons, IT WORKS.”

Nadine Bastien Aphrodite's Sanctuary, Toronto

365 Day DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Thousands of salons & spas around the world have used the tools, templates and strategies in Simple Salon Marketing successfully. Which is why I'm more than happy to give you this assurance: put Simple Salon Marketing to work in your salon NOW - even up to ONE YEAR, in the unlikely event these tools and strategies haven't dramatically improved your business, just email me via our Contact Us form here, and I'll refund DOUBLE your investment!

Greg Milner, Author, Founder & CEO, Worldwide Salon Marketing
2/10 Main St, Osborne Park, Western Australia 6017
Ph: +61-8-9443 9327


Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

Here's just a partial list of what you get in Simple Salon Marketing:

Section 1: The Winning Formula

  • The Success Formula For Salon Marketing That Works!
  • The 7 Crucial ‘Must Have’ Elements To Any Successful Salon Marketing Campaign
  • The Stunning Power Of A Guarantee
  • The 10 Hottest Money-Making Words For Your Headlines
  • The little-known secret to creating a great salon offer
  • How To Double Or Treble The Revenue From Your Current Clients
  • Marketing To Existing Clients
  • Measurement Templates – Use These To Track Your Marketing

Section 2: Marketing to Get an Avalanche of Clients

  • Ads You Can Modify to Get Your Salon Phones Buzzing
  • The newspaper ad that pulled 26 new clients in a week
  • The permanent makeup ad with an outrageous headline
  • The laser clinic ad that pulled $25,000 in sales
  • The little-known secret to creating a great salon offer
  • 51 eyelash extension and body wrap bookings from this ad…
  • The $10,500 ‘pamper package’ ad
  • The simple ad that sold 87 facials

Marketing to Get New Clients Immediately, Any Time of the Year

  • Value-Add Flyers And Ads That ALWAYS Get A Response
  • Here's the ad that Toni was going to waste money on....
  • Case study #1 - How to get 98 new clients in 12 hours
  • Case study#2 - How to pull more than $10,000 in 12 days - door to door.
  • How The Multi-Visit Voucher Works
  • The value-ad flyer that pulled 60 new clients for a brand new salon
  • The new stylist campaign that brought in 84 bookings
  • Ad for a salon ‘Open Day’

Section 3: Marketing to Get Your Existing Clients Spending More

  • “Queen of Referrals”
  • New client ‘Thank You’ letters
  • ‘Raise the Dead’ - how to get 'lost' clients back
  • The Best Client Birthday Letters
  • Christmas Promotions
  • The value-ad flyer that pulled 60 new clients for a brand new salon
  • The new stylist campaign that brought in 84 bookings
  • Back to School Letters

PLUS these bonus special promotions

  • An Experience Nails & Beauty’s ‘Red Laser Light’ Letter
  • Business Massage Letter
  • Business Christmas Gift Letter
  • Tracy Orr’s In-Salon Promotional Packages
  • Client Memberships - How to Bring in CASH up front!

Section 4: Special Occasion Marketing

  • A Brilliant 'Buy One Get One Free' gift voucher campaign
  • Christmas Marketing Checklist
  • SMS messages to existing clients
  • Emails / websites
  • In-salon poster & reception flyer
  • Mothers Day Campaign
  • Marketing for school balls/deb balls
Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

That's just a partial list of the massive number of proven promotions in Simple Salon Marketing.


But a note of caution - be careful, whatever you do, to make sure any promotion or ad you put out contains as many of the -


as possible. In other words, don't mess too much with what has already been proven to work. Sure, test and measure...but unless your marketing contains these 7 Crucial Ingredients, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Many thousands of hours of work have gone into developing, writing, designing and testing the strategies, tools and templates contained in Simple Salon Marketing. It is, in fact, a complete Direct Response University Marketing Course in a Box.

If you had to pay a copywriter and designer to create, just for you, all of the marketing material contained in Simple Salon Marketing, it would cost you nothing less than -


Off course, you won't pay anywhere near that - let's face it, few salon & spa owners would, or could afford to.

Nope, you get the entire Simple Salon Marketing manual, complete with downloadable templates in Word format, so you can edit them to suit your own salon or spa, for ONLY $199, OR pay ONLY $299 and we'll ship the full 313-page manual, with ALL the templates on CD right to your door – free shipping.

PLUS, you're risking NOTHING. Your investment is protected by a full 100% Money Back Guarantee for ONE YEAR!


Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

As the founder and CEO of Worldwide Salon Marketing, I love a challenge. And I face new ones every day. So I'm glad you've found this page. My challenge is to convince you to keep reading. If you do, you'll discover something about business much more valuable than mere money. If you don't, you may miss out on the opportunity to turn an ordinary salon or spa into an extraordinary business.

One that almost runs on automatic pilot, one that allows you to work ON the business instead ofIN it, one that finally, after maybe years of slogging and battling, gives you the lifestyle and the freedom you deserve. After all, you didn't really get yourself into business to simply buy yourself a job, did you? But I should be straight with you - if all you've ever wanted was a little hobby business, earning a hobby income, this probably isn't for you.

But if you really want to change your life, if you're tired of doing the same things in your salon, over and over again, and getting the same results over and over again, if you really believe it's time you got the rewards you deserve, then pour yourself a cup of coffee (or wine, if you prefer), close the door, put your feet up, and keep reading. Isn't success, freedom, financial reward worth investing just the next few minutes of your time?

Finally, you are seconds away from having the power to:

Find new clients

Almost at will, simply by using carefully-worded, proven done-for-you marketing & advertising templates, even if you've never written a successful ad or flier in your life!

Get your 'lost' clients coming back in droves

By simply sending them one of the most powerfully-written sales letters ever developed for the salon & spa industry.

Sell high-priced Memberships

Sell high-priced Memberships to your clients, and have them pay you cash up front, months in advance, using done-for-you promotions taken straight out of Simple Salon Marketing.

Discover the secrets

Discover the secrets (that your competitors don't want you to know) to creating winning headlines and offers that get your salon phone ringing like MAD.

Find tested, proven SMS messages

Struggling to fill empty appointment slots at short notice? Just copy and paste these SMS messages and watch those appointments fill up - overnight!

The manual comes in both beauty and hair formats, each tweaked to fit your salon or spa perfectly.

As a copywriter and specialist salon marketing coach, I've spent more than a decade showing literally thousands of salon & spa owners around the world how to -


...and how to be laser-focused on the only kind of marketing any salon or spa should do...and that's what we call direct response marketing. Unlike typical 'branding' or image-based marketing, direct response marketing is designed purely to get your phone ringing with appointments NOW.

If you're like most of the thousands of salon & spa owners I've coached over the past decade or more, you want the phone to ring, right?

Right. But there's art and science in writing offers, promotions and ads that get attention, force people to act, and pick up the phone. If all you're going to do is put up a pretty picture with your phone number and web address on it, and hope for the best, you may as well go to the bathroom, tear up $50 notes, and flush them down the toilet.

Spending money on any kind of marketing for a salon or spa without first doing what I call the SALES THINKING is akin to a 17-year-old buying a brand new car and setting off on a cross country drive without bothering to take a driving lesson!

Simple Salon Marketing - all 313 pages of it - arms you with the knowledge and the tools to magnetically attract a steady stream of new and returning clients for your salon or spa.

But more importantly, become the business owner and 'salonpreneur' you've always wanted to be, not merely a technician, slaving away on the tools every day!

What other salon & spa owners are saying…
Real people, real salons, real results!

Michelle Reyment

It has been fantastic in the way that it has changed the mindset on how to run the business, and since I have stepped back, it is actually earning more money, without the extra day care costs, and overall business wise. I am home more which is great for the family life and the kids.

Michelle Reyment Serenity Hair & Beauty, Frankston South, Victoria
Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

It's why Simple Salon Marketing has become the single best-selling, Industry Standard marketing and sales manual ever developed

THE perfect business companion for anyone who owns or runs a beauty salon, nail salon, hair salon, medi-spa or skin clinic. And why thousands of salons around the world have already purchased it!

Salon owners like David Belfer of Emphasis Hair in Melbourne...

David Belfer

“The easy marketing and selling ideas are like putting a HI – OCTANE Fuel into your car… You get to where you want to go faster, with more comfort and less “wear and tear” on yourself and the staff! Greg’s a marketing genius… Nothing new but put into Easy To Use formats with ideas that SELL! Some recent results…

74 SMS’s to clients we hadn’t seen for over 18 months offering $99.00 Style Cut & Colour to fill the gaps on a Thursday and Friday… 9 responses. 11 appointments! $1389.00 extra income with retail sales and upselling all from “Dead Clients”! Not bad for $7.40 in SMS messages!

130 Letters to Clients with children offering FREE Kids cuts over holidays when you have your Cut & Colour done (straight from the Kit)… We were very happy! We entertained over 35 extra kids while their Mum’s “relaxed” and spent over $2500.00 in the school holidays which are generally quiet in our salon. As a salon owner, you need to invest in this kit!”

David Belfer Emphasis Hair, Melbourne

And Heather Jacobs of Zuki's Hair & Beauty in Hamilton, NZ

Heather Jacobs

“It gives you some great ideas, and direction. The ads definitely work…all you have to do is personalise them to your shop. I ran one ad costing $350 in a local free newspaper, and in the next two weeks we took bookings for $3,000 worth of treatments…it was four times the response we used to get from our standard old ads.”

Heather Jacobs Zuki's Hair & Beauty, Hamilton NZ

And Dr Thalia Walkup of Face & Body Solutions in Oklahoma

Dr Thalia Walkup

“I ran 2 ads from the manual 4 times in 4 surrounding newspapers for a total profit of $7,714.16.  But that’s just so far. There are people coming back for a series of visits and we still have about 20 appointments on the books from these ads that have not come in yet.  I’ve only run the ads 4 times, because that’s all the patients I can handle right now, so imagine what the results would be if I ran the ads every day!”

Dr Thalia Walkup Face & Body Solutions, Durant, OK

It really is 'push-button' marketing - and it's
just for salons & spas

So What’s Your Next Step?


Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

Hang on a minute...almost forgot, another EXTRA BONUS

facebook-forumThe Members Only Facebook Discussion Forum

We know it can be lonely as a business owner. But being part of Worldwide Salon Marketing means you get to network with all the other Worldwide Salon Marketing members from all over the world.

When you buy Simple Salon Marketing you get instant access to our exclusive, closed door Members Only Facebook Discussion Forum, where members hang out, find answers to their questions, and get support from other salon & spa owners.

And don’t worry: The Facebook forum is private. Nothing you say there will appear on anybody else’s Facebook page, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your conversations aren’t being read by staff, friends or even family.

Every day, our Members are sharing their successes, triumphs, frustrations and ideas with each other, from all over the world. Getting into this elite forum just by ‘asking to join’ as a new member opens up a whole new world of support and assistance from other successful salon owners just like you… your fellow members!

By the way, the conversation is electric and not just about marketing either. Recent questions and answers have been on…

  • How to manage difficult staff
  • How to hire folks that will be loyal and stay
  • How to add on another income stream to your salon
  • How to handle no-shows
  • How to stock the best products
  • Quick-fire promotions that bring in the cash and so much more.

If you’re looking for support, looking for encouragement, looking for answers on anything related to your salon or spa… this is THE place to get your answers. And you can join the conversation as soon as you grab your Client Attraction System membership.

So to recap, here’s what you get:

  • The HUGE 313-page Simple Salon Marketing Manual

    (The nuts & bolts ‘how-to’ of salon marketing, plus proven promotions you can modify to suit your salon.)

  • Unlimited access to the member’s only Facebook discussion forum.

    (Get your questions answered and join the discussion. This is where members help other members.)

  • The Essential Salon Owner's Audio Kit

    (Listen in as successful salon owners reveal their secrets, and how they turned ordinary businesses into extraordinary salons & spas.)

Please do not put this off


Instant Download: 

  1. as soon as you order, you'll be taken to a download page, where you can instantly download the entire 313-page manual, plus the editable templates that go with it.
  2. You'll also receive an email containing LINKS to both the download AND the Members Only Discussion Forum on Facebook.
  3. We'll also email your receipt (So do please make sure you enter your correct email address - oh, and check your junk folder, just in case.
Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee
Tracey Orr

I started in a single room with just one employee, and grew to be the city’s biggest and most profitable salon with a dozen staff and a million dollar turnover – all since joining Worldwide Salon Marketing. It was by FAR the best business decision I ever made. For any salon or spa owner, joining this program is a no-brainer.

Tracey Orr Absolute Beauty, Tasmania

Thanks for sticking with me for so long. I know you’re busy. If you’re like many salon and spa owners who are not our members, there’s probably a good chance you’re stressed out, over-worked and under-paid, dealing with so many issues you find it hard to spend any time on yourself.

So before I go, I’d just like you to think about this…

Isn’t It About Time You Did Something For Yourself For a Change?

happy-ladyIt’s amazing how much your life changes when you are not stressed out all the time, not worried about the bills, not fearful of next week, next month.

You can start to breathe again.

To live again.

To once more start enjoying your life and your business.

Right now, you have an important decision to make.

Frankly, you have 3 choices…

1: Do nothing. For some, this is not an option.

2: You can stick with what you are doing and struggle along… but to be blunt… how is that working for you?

3: Say YES now, get Simple Salon Marketing and get access to the only comprehensive, direct response marketing tools designed ONLY for salon & spa owners who want more clients, Fast.

Look you’ve read this far so probably option 1 and 2 are out, otherwise you’ll be in the same position next year.

We’ve taken away all the risk. Use it for a full 365 days – If you don’t like it, get a FULL no questions asked refund.

Click one of the order buttons below to get started.

Then get ready for a brighter, more enjoyable and fun-filled future.


Instant Download $199365 day Money Back Guarantee

Greg Milner,
CEO & Founder
Worldwide Salon Marketing
Since 2004.

PS: About your 365 day Money Back Guarantee. I mean it. Over the years we've paid out guarantees to every single salon owner who's asked for one. Of the more than 3,000 who purchased Simple Salon Marketing, it came to just 22 who wanted their money back.

Any questions? Please call us. We're old fashioned. We like phone calls. 

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