OK Mavens, who’s freaking out over their January Bookings? Grab a cuppa, pen and paper.. and get working on this one.


My ‘Lotto’ promotion is a lot like my ‘Christmas Tree’ December promotions ( a whole range of WILD amount gift vouchers, rolled up and placed in the Christmas tree – I’d get every client leaving to choose one and encourage them to book it for January there and then.)

So for those who didn’t do / know about the December promotions you can get your clients to play ‘Lotto’!

Lotto post example-
‘Who wants a $37 Microdermabrasion (valued at $120)?! “
To qualify:
👉They must share the post
👉Tag 2 friends in the post
👉Be over 18 or have parental consent.
(It’s up to you if you accept 1 or more people, keep it to under 10 though).

– Draw the winner/s in 3 days time (allows for more time to share and tag)

** You can do as many as you want – BUT – only 1 treatment per post, too much on offer is too ‘busy’ for the client – Keep it simple. One treatment per post.
Do a new post every 3 days or one a week. or twice a week, whatever you choose, just allow them time with the 1st post before going to the next post.

 Choose treatments that can have an ‘up sell’ option – like the Microdermabrasion Facial (keep reading for up-sell ideas).

  • or a facial in general
  • or a wax hour (ie: ‘any waxing we can fit into an hour for only $53)
  • or perhaps a skin needling one that has them come back in 5-7 days for a peel and LED (but they pay now and book before they go.) it should take 15 minutes staff time and rest they can be left whilst staff go do a brow service or small service – OR totally WOW the client by offering a hot towel and foot massage for the length of the LED treatment.
  • or Unlimited foils for $42
  • or free root fade with colour only xyz
  • or unlimited blow drys for a month for $49

🌟 The idea is that the offer you make:

  1. covers the costs of paying staff for that 1 hour (that you need to pay ANYWAY so they may as well be busy and WOWING clients)
  2. covers the cost of treatment given
  3. clients feel special and that they scored a bloody awesome deal and then gives you the opportunity to retail, sell a package of said treatments (at a then super deal ) because they won the ‘lotto’ !
    (ie: normally a 6 pack of micro would be $720 but if you take today’s offer NOW you can have it for only $375) The only T&C is that they must use this deal on X Y Days (a choice of your 2 quietest days).

This 6 pack = $62.50 per session (x6) so this will at least cover costs of staff, product used, and again it’s an opportunity to WOW them, retail to them, talk about other services and book them for other services you do. Charge more if you want, but the idea is that it is a no-brainer awesome deal, and it covers costs you would otherwise be out of pocket for on your quieter days when staff would just be standing around on their mobile phones).

 UPSELLS: I used to give clients a form to fill out which had the up-sells on it, made it SO much easier for the client to choose and for staff who just hate to upsell /retail!
I would offer a pre micro peel (valued at $75 as a stand alone peel treatment) for only $23, and a post micro Collagen mask (valued at 85 as a stand alone treatment) for only $27 today.
(Remember points 1,2,3 above as to why we are doing this!)

My Form Example: 
“We would like to extend an upgrade for smoother skin and so you can get the absolute most out of your Microdermabrasion.

Please choose your selection here:

1) As we age, our skins ability to stay youthful and line free diminishes due to lack of Collagen production. Our concentrated Collagen & Hydrating Mask: Value $80, today only $49

Shall we perform the collagen mask for you? Yes No

2) An exfoliating Mask for Deeper Cleansing of the pores and further removal of dry, prematurely ageing skin cells, blackheads, whiteheads and full pores Value $75, today only $24.

Shall we perform the exfoliating mask for you? Yes No

Take both upgrades today for only $79: save altogether $66! Yes No


If so how often? Daily /Weekly /fortnightly/ Very rarely?

If you do not exfoliate often we strongly recommend the exfoliating mask upgrade and consider taking the ASAP exfoliating scrub with you today. Using this just twice a week will assist keeping your skin as smooth as the microdermabrasion result itself – giving you longer lasting smoothness.

Remember to ALWAYS Keep it simple. ALWAYS explain the BENEFIT to the client when up selling, it is always about them and why should they?!

See how I have worded it above to speak the BENEFIT to the client and WHY they should have it!

🌟 At checkout – you can always offer them the same deal for one more visit, if they book and pay now (allowing 24 hours to reschedule so as not to lose (like a deposit). Ask if they want it for a gift voucher for someone?!

👉Book them on your quietest days. Never your busy days. Important to remember!

Hoping this makes your quieter days busier and sparks the marketing imagination in you!


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