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There’s not much point in having a great-looking website, if nobody can find it when they’re searching for what you do or sell!

Yes, Google (and to a lesser extent other search engines like Bing) IS the new Yellow Pages. It’s where people go to search for just about anything. Not Facebook, or Instagram, they go to Google.

And if they find your competitors, and not you, that means you’re missing out on business. Maybe a lot of it.

At Worldwide Salon Marketing, we know that being found high up on search results is a critical part of marketing. It’s about being visible. If people can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.

There are only THREE ways you can be on the first page of Google...

The fastest way to be on the first page of Google is with paid advertisingBut it needs to be done smart, with an offer, and a landing page built on your website to take traffic from your ad. We specialize in setting up these complete campaigns. Check out our page on Digital Advertising here.

The only TWO other ways to get your business on Page One is in the “Three Pack”  Google Business listings (the ones that appear under the map), and under that, the ‘organic’ listings of websites.

To get into the “Three Pack” and the first page of the organic results need what’s known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization techniques.

..and that is tedious, manual, time-consuming work best left to professionals (like our team here at Worldwide Salon Marketing.)


We get 200 phone calls and bookings every month from people finding us on the first page of Google, thanks to the on-going work that Worldwide Salon Marketing’s team of specialists do to keep us right at the top of search results.
Leiza Cester, Allura Hair Boutique, Melbourne

How to (accurately) check your Google ranking

1. Open Google Chrome, and in the top right hand corner (the three vertical dots) click on New Incognito Window.

2. In the search bar, type “hair salon (your town)” or “landscape gardener (your town) or whatever you think people might search for when looking for what you do.

3. There is no point searching for your business name. Of course you’re going to appear one Page One for that…but your prospective customers aren’t searching for your business name, they’re shopping for what they want to buy!

If you’re all over Page One of Google, great! If you’re nowhere to be found, read on…

Enrolments at all three of our child care centres in Victoria have hit record levels  thanks to the online work by the specialists at Worldwide Salon Marketing. Thanks so much to all concerned!
Marcel Reuben, co-owner, Apple Blossoms Early Learning Centres, Melbourne

So, how long does it take to get onto Page One of search results?

We hate saying “it depends,” but…it depends!

  • It depends on where you’re ranked already, and how long you’ve been there.
  • It depends on how much competition you have. Getting a business that sells pig fur weaving machines onto the first page of results would be easy, because there aren’t many pig fur weaving retailers.
    Putting a skin care business on page one in the middle of a city the size of Sydney? That’s more difficult, and takes a lot longer.
  • It depends on how much work is involved in getting your website and other factors like your social media accounts and your various listings on other websites checked and cross-referenced.

Anybody who tells you “We can get you on the first page of Google in three weeks for $150…” – be very wary.

Blackhat’ is abundant in cheaper SEO campaigns.

Blackhat is the name for methods that are shady, contrived or illegal (such as buying bulk links). These typically result in harsh punishment from Google. Many agencies and individuals that promise quick results use ‘blackhat’ methods to obtain them, so be very cautious as it could spell the end for your SEO marketing. Your website could be ‘sin-binned’ for a long time.

So, you’ve had call after call from somebody in India promising the world for next to nothing?

You have been warned!

For ten years my business has been at the top of Google rankings – check it yourself, do a search for “beauty salon Hobart” – and it’s amazing the effect top ranking has on business. People find us instantly for so many search terms, so thank you Greg and the team at Worldwide!
Effie Tsoploulos, Escape Skin & Body, Hobart

How much does it cost?

There is an initial set-up cost, and a monthly subscription – but there are no contracts (unlike many digital marketing agencies which insist on locking you into fixed terms.)

If you only need a strong Google presence in your local geographical area, we do an Economy Class package (see below) which covers you for the basics of getting your website and Google My Business listing set up. This package particularly suits local service business such as salons & spas, trade contractors, retailers.

If you have a business with multiple locations, that takes more work, it can take longer to analyse and set up properly, and requires more work on an on-going basis. Our Business Class package is suitable for businesses such as multi-site salons & spas, contractors with one HQ but a wide area of operation, or  a retail operation wanting to attract online sales.

National or statewide domination? That’s going to take a combination of organic SEO and (probably) Paid Digital Advertising. For that you’ll need First Class.


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