Simple Salon Newsletters that generate sales NOW

Page 1 of a simple, double-sided, single sheet newsletter ANy salon owner can do.

Page 1 of a simple, double-sided, single sheet newsletter ANy salon owner can do.

Back in the ‘old’ days – oh, way back in 2003 – owners of salons didn’t have too many choices to market their services. There was ‘word of mouth’, mailbox flyers, store signage, the telephone, maybe a newspaper ad…and that was about it. Then along came the web, Google, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Twitter, Steve Jobs (the iPhone), email and a dozen other ‘bright shiny objects’ and suddenly…

Everybody went numb. Stopped doing those ‘old-fashioned’ things, got seduced by the notion that it was now ALL about online, and everything online was somehow ‘free’. (Yeah baby, didn’t we get conned by that lie!) And along the way, we kind of forgot that what worked back in the old days worked for a reason. That reason is simple – people are still human, people still like the things they liked ‘back then’. They still watch television, read books, go to the movies, eat dinner out, socialize with friends.

And, funny enough, people still get stuff in the mail. Which is where it gets interesting. Because so many business owners have been seduced by the online siren, mailboxes these days are pretty much empty, except for bills and department store flyers.

Reverse side of the same newsletter. It ain't rocket science.

Reverse side of the same newsletter. It ain’t rocket science.

So good ol’ newsletters have once again become a major force in helping small businesses like salons win new business, and bring old customers back. (As the owner of one of our WSM member salons said to me during a coaching call this week, “I was actually blown away by the response…clients are asking ‘when’s the next newsletter out?’ and ‘I just didn’t know you did that treatment here…’ “)

But here’s the problem.

For most salon owners, putting together a newsletter every month….even one as simple as a single piece of paper, double-sided…is too much of a chore. “I don’t know what to write…” or “I don’t have the time…”

Which is interesting, because thanks to the online world, you don’t even need to write your own material any more. You just search for say “spray tanning tips” or “hair removal warnings” and you’ll find more material you can tweak, adjust and put your own stamp on than you can ever use.

Okay, let’s say you’ve conquered that mountain…then how do you lay it out in a way that’s easy to read, has interesting call-outs and graphics, and gets your phone ringing?

So here’s the solution.

There’s an easy way to get a newsletter done…and there’s an even easier way to get it done.

Want to put it together yourself with industry-specific articles about hair & beauty issues? Access the Salon & Spa Beauty Bank here.

In the Members Only Resources Library here, you’ll find templates you can download in Word format you can use to layout your own newsletter…just edit, save, and print.

Can’t even be bothered doing that? No problem. We’ll get it done for you, faster and cheaper than you could ever do it yourself.

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More simple Newsletter layouts:

Newsletter 1






Newsletter 2






Newsletter 3

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