Suzy Poole of Body Divine in Kerikeri NZ Creates Her Own Economy!

If you have ever thought that marketing won’t work for your salon because you are in a small town then you should watch this video.

In this short clip, Suzy Poole owner of Body Divine in Kerikeri shares how she has taken her salon from a pretty dire state of affairs to a busy, profitable business in under a year, with big plans for expansion.

I was visiting Kerikeri for a couple of days this week and decided to pop in for a cuppa with Suzy and check out her salon.  And I was really impressed with what I saw.

Suzy has created her own economy, while others around her continue to struggle on.  In fact, Suzy’s business is growing so fast that she is in the process of expanding her existing salon and building a hair salon out the back.

What stood out the most on my visit to Suzy’s salon was the energy that she puts in to marketing her business, it’s clear that she has a great attitude, is incredibly passionate about it and a real ‘massive action’ taker.

And while I was in the salon clients were walking in and asking to buy one of her mini memberships that she had just released that morning. And as you’ll hear in the video, one customer even left a cheque in her mailbox with strict instructions so she didn’t miss out on one of only 10 memberships released!

Check out the video here….

For those of you who are not familiar with Kerikeri it’s a fairly small town in the Bay of Islands, population a few thousand.

Thanks for the grand tour of the salon Suzy and keep up the excellent wor


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