This Question Gets Heads Nodding YES!


They are one of the most powerful language tools you have for getting agreement.

But it’s rare to see a question used to its highest and best sales use.

So I thought I’d offer up some examples of how to get your reader or video viewer to start agreeing with you before she actually commits to the sale.  

There are many ways to do it; here are five:

1- Describe the problem, agitate it, and then ask the obvious question:

Skin is the largest organ of the body and, perhaps, the most misunderstood. That means LOTS of frustration for you, not to mention a lot of money down the drain. So what can you do?

2-Ask a question your reader is already asking herself:

Can’t figure out why your color is fading prematurely? Here’s our practical and easy list of prevention tips to keep your color beautiful…

3-Get the reader to imagine the result she already wants, but thinks she can’t have. Then ask the question.

Imagine harnessing the power of flowers and diamonds to give your skin back its youthful look! How?

And another one-Plus, there is no damage to your natural hair. What could be better?

4-Get the reader to think about how she feels about her problem, then ask for agreement:

With such grumpy skin, it’s no wonder you may feel like your skin is holding you hostage, dictating the terms of your surrender. Sound familiar?

And another one using the same logic:

Tangles, frizz, and breakage are all signs that your hair has been pushed to the limit. So what can you do?

5-Address the question she has about getting a new service:

But what happens when you get weft hair extensions? Does that mean you can no longer have any fun with your hair?

These are just a few ways to use questions to help your reader see the value of your expertise by showing them you understand.

They are also excellent examples of how to “enter the conversation” already going on in your client’s head. Plus, you can use them when talking face-to-face with your clients, too.

“Yes” questions early in the conversation educate and increase the likelihood of having your client get the product or service she wants or needs.

Nothing is worse than having a client walk away from a service you know would benefit her. Don’t you hate that?

Peace, Love, & Profits,




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