Podcast: 7 Great Ideas for your salon’s Christmas marketing

It’s the biggest trading event of the year for salons & spas. Are you ready for it? Have you PLANNED your salon Christmas marketing? In this podcast, Members of Worldwide Salon Marketing get together in a national hookup to trade ideas and inspiration for the coming season.

As you listen in, don’t forget to take notes. The marketing ideas you discover here are GOLD.

NOTE: during this podcast, we refer often to the resources Members access on our password-protected Client Attraction System website. Go here to find out more about signing up for the Client Attraction System – Try the Client Attraction System for only ONE DOLLAR. No contracts, and you can opt-out at any time.

Show Notes:  

    1. How one salon uses a clever ‘playing card’ promotion to make more sales at Christmas.
    2. Using video to connect with your clients.
    3. The membership program guaranteed to smooth out your cash flow.
    4. What other salons are doing to generate more buzz among their clients.

And a whole bunch more.

Oh, one more thing; the audio quality on this recording can sometimes sound a bit patchy, it’s because some of the participants had a bit going on in the background, so in some places the recording has picked that up. Sorry about that:-)