[VIDEO] How Natalie Boosted Her Salon Takings by 13%

Natalie Tonks pic[VIDEO] How Natalie Boosted Her Salon Takings by 13% – Why do some salons struggle to bring in clients, make hard work of re-booking them, seem to forever be ‘putting out bushfires’, when for others it appears to be so…. easy?

Well, don’t be misled. For successful salons like Natalie Tonks’ Kokum Hair in Hamilton, NSW, maintaining and increasing sales year on year means an approach to business that’s best described as…relentless.

But there is no better way of improving your own business fortunes than studying – carefully – why and how successful salons run their businesses. (There’s little point copying failing businesses!)

In this VIDEO, Natalie explains exactly

1) How she’s used newspaper advertising to bring in 20 new clients, from a single ad

2) How she re-books a whopping NINETY PERCENT of new customers into long-term clients

3) How she keeps track of results from all of her various marketing campaigns, online and offline.

4) How she’s brought in no fewer than 100 new clients between January 1 and March 12, 2014.


Natalie Tonks has owned Kokum Hair in Hamilton, NSW for 11 years. As a Member of Worldwide Salon Marketing’s My Social Salon program, Natalie gets unlimited access to our massive library of marketing & advertising templates, strategies and tutorials, as well as a WSM-built and maintained website that’s at the top of Google search results, and a custom-built mobile app.