Beauty Salon Marketing: Canadian salon owner: “…such immediate, massive results in such a short time! I wish I’d joined earlier…”

Galen & Kristy Gower of Kristy’s Salon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Even a hurricane hasn’t stopped her marketing her salon

Kristy Gower of  Bayers Lake, Nova Scotia , was so excited to join WSM and the Inner Circle premium program, that even Hurricane Earl couldn’t dampen her enthusiasm!

Kristy was accepted in to the program only three weeks ago and by the time her coach called her to welcome her on board,  she had already…..wait for it…sent out 790 newsletters, had a change of season ad ready to go to print and the birthday letters sent out….How’s that for Massive Action!

Oh, and did I mention that they were bracing to be hit by hurricane Earl by Saturday? Small inconvenience. All this and she hadn’t even received her toolkit yet.

As luck would have it UPS came through and delivered her kit before EARL roared through Nova Scotia on Saturday, allowing her to hunker down and devour the toolkit by Monday.
Fortunately for Kristy and husband Galen their house and salon survived with no damage (last hurricane a tree fell through their house)

By Monday, her first coaching call, she had 2 Hollywood flyers, one for new guests and one for existing, along with a new stylist sales letter ready for print!
By Wednesday, only one week after joining, she had with the help of her mum hand delivered over 200 flyers around her neighborhood, and was starting to see results!
In Kristy’s words “ full steam ahead….it appears to be working”.

One week, one hurricane, one determined woman, willing to take MASSIVE ACTION that not even the force of nature could stop!
Here’s how Kristy tells it:

“I decided to take a leap and join the ‘Inner Circle’,  not really ‘getting’ what it was all about, but I had watched the videos and listened to the testimonials and thought ‘what did I have to lose?’

Nothing…so I signed up, and immediately after being selected as a member I checked out the Members Only section and right away I ‘got it’!

The concept, the templates the philosophy behind this model of marketing, it just makes complete sense, so I downloaded the templates from the web and got started. That first night, I had a flyer, birthday vouchers and a newsletter done and sent all before I received my Toolkit (3 days later) and my first coaching call!

And all this in the middle of being hit with a hurricane!..skipping ahead to day 19..feels like we’ve been at this like pros forever, it’s so easy and fun! We’ve developed a schedule that fits our needs and constantly send out new client letters every week, hundreds of flyers, birthday vouchers and we’re getting our second news letter ready to send out.

I’m not an expert on the computer, that’s the great part, you are walked through every step of the way and the follow up coaching calls round out the whole package…in 19 calendar days (of course some of these we are closed) we’ve had 39 new clients, 9 booked the flyer offer but most upgraded to higher revenue services, many have pe-booked already.

Our birthday vouchers have been such a hit, one guest had tears in her eyes as she spent her voucher because she had never received anything like that in the mail before and it touched her heart that we cared about her birthday!

Catherine, my coach, has reminded me that it’s about making a connection and keeping that constant connection with our clients.

I have been in this industry for 22 years and have been apart of many mentoring and business building bootcamps but never have we executed anything so easily with such immediate, massive results in such a short time! I wish I’d joined sooner…

Kristy Gower Master Stylist (Instructor)
Master Aesthetician (Instructor)

Makeup Artist (Instructor)

Salon Owner
Cosmetology Board Director

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