Salon Client Information Sheet Template: Smell the Leather! Salon marketing the WSM way brings this 21-year-old salon owner a new house, a new Mercedes…

IC member and salon owner Leah Bobridge of Fresh Hair & Body in South Australia – at just 21, a new house and a new Mercedes thanks to the Inner Circle program. Leah becomes one of our first Ambassadors, starting in 2011

Salon Client Information Sheet Template: Smell the Leather! Salon marketing the WSM way brings this 21-year-old salon owner a new house, a new Mercedes…

“I am writing to thank you for the opportunity to be part of Worldwide Salon Marketing.

I have learned a great deal since joining the WSM Inner Circle marketing & mentoring program and will continue to use your marketing material along with my own touches. However, I wanted to inform you on a little bit about me.

I bought my salon “Fresh” in August 2008 at 19 years old. I received a lot of negativity from many people, but strived to become one of the best/most successful hair salons in South Australia. I joined the Inner Circle program not because we weren’t doing well, but to learn new ways of marketing and to get to know business owners in my industry.

In the 1st 3-4months of joining the program I was listed as Member of the Month which was quite pleasing, I have to say. Since then we have only continued to get better. I started off with 1 staff member and I now have 5. Even though sometimes staff can be difficult, I thoroughly enjoy their company and without them my business would not have grown to the capacity it has today.

(Thanks to WSM) my fiance Daniel and I have been able to buy an 1880 cottage in one of Adelaide’s most prestigious areas, plus we have just ordered a brand new 2010 C250 Mercedes Benz! I would never in my wildest dreams think that at 21 I would be able to not only buy my dream house but my dream car, too.

Success in marketing her salon has allowed Leah and her fiance Daniel to order a brand new Mercedes C250 saloon

April this year, I decided to put my marketing to the test and open up a Day Spa in the Adelaide Hills. From scratch I opened the doors starting with 1 full time therapist and myself only being able to work 2 days. It’s been 4 Months and we now have 2 Therapists and a Massage therapist and reaching high sales and retail sales. On the way to success already.

Almost every day I get business owners calling me up asking me how I did it, did I win the lottery? Can I help them? Along with recommendation of joining WSM I help them along and encourage them as much as possible.

I have lots of people asking me if I would be their business coach. Which got me thinking one night; I love helping people, I always have. I love training my staff and I love that they look up to me. I want to be a business coach/Lifestyle leader.

I know that most business coaches have had years of experience. But have they really? Were they once young and lost? Do they know how tough it really is out there? Or did they just do a University Degree in Business, get offered a job and took it!

From my experience, in my short amount of years of business, coaches need to have worked in the industry and know what results salon owners want!

So my question to you, Greg, is can you help me? I do believe that I owe it to WSM after helping me. This is where I want to go and this is where I am headed.”

Kindest Regards,
Leah Bobridge,
Fresh Hair & Body,
Salisbury, South Australia