Find more clients through Instagram

Do you ever wonder, how ‘that’ business has more than 100K Instagram followers?

A strong online following in today’s day and age, is classified essential. And, if you want to be seen as a successful business owner, you will need to stay tech savvy and continue to have a strong online presence.

So, here are some of the steps you’ll need to consider before getting there yourself.

Take Good Photos

Instagram is a mobile-photo sharing app – so, images are essential when creating an account.

Producing engaging image content, which is visually appealing, is essential to gaining more followers on Instagram. Seriously. What you posts matters more than how you post.

Try and use a variety of images to help engage with your online audiences. For example, if you are a hair salon owner – you might want to post images of products you stock and sell at the salon.

Example: go find that busy local cafe (every neighbourhood has one), and stalk their Instagram. Find anyone who’s working successfully on their Instagram, and see how they post, how often they post, and what they post.

The content you post – the photos, the videos – have to stand out. Make them bold. Bright. Sexy. Funny. Witty. Something that’ll make people tag their friends in it.

Using before and after photos can also be highly effective for business purposes. Before and after photos are a great way of engaging with followers, as it gives them a sense of what it is you do.

Before and after photos can include anything from a hair colour, hair cut, hair up-do or even a blow dry, heck, even with facials, waxing – everything! Okay, maybe not waxing….

#Hashtag Correctly

Unlike SEO, on Instagram, people don’t search for “hair salon Broome,” or “beauty salon Venice Beach.” No – they search things like “style,” “fashion,” “women hair style,” or simply, their city name: “Los Angeles,” “Seattle,” “Perth.”

The key with Instagram is to be human. What would you search? Ask your children what they search. Get to know Instagram.

To win at Insta, you’ve gotta be human.

Linking images with relevant words can have an extremely positive result on your business.

By using relevant hashtags in your captions, you allow your posts to be found more easily, by people that may not be following you, but are searching for photos related to your brand and/or industry.

The photos you will want to be posting on your Instagram account, are those of the services you provide to your clients. So, images of haircuts, hairstyles, hair colour and any other services you may be offering at your salon. Again, make them all stand out.

By pairing relevant words and photos together and correctly hashtaging them, it makes it easier for people to find your work and business online.

For example #blunt, #beachhair, #bob, #blondes, #curls. All of these hashtags relate and link to a type of hairstyle or haircut – making it easier for people looking to change their hairstyle, to find your post and business through this server.

Seriously. This stuff works.

Post Consistently

I’m going to use a naughty word: schedule. Yup. I know. Such a horrible word.

But it’s true: if you stick to posting on a schedule, when people are most likely going to see your content – then you’ll find more clients.


The more you post – the more people see you.

The more people who see you, well that’s easy. More people will buy from you.

Have an Instagram for Business Page

In a previous article, I expressed the need for an Instagram for Business account. By signing up for a Business account, you can set the rules on how people will contact you from your profile.

You can make people call you, email you, text you, heck, even give them directions to drive to you. All from your Insta profile.

So – the more you post, and the more human you are – the more people will connect with you.

And when people connect with you – only after you ask them to buy from you – will they message you, and will they book in.

TIP: make sure you check your Instagram messages by tapping the paper plane icon from the Instagram dashboard.