Beauty Salon Gift Certificate Template: Less is not more. MORE is more.

Beauty Salon Gift Certificate Template: Less is not more. MORE is more. 


I keep getting ads and other marketing material sent to me (yes, even from IC members who should know better) that demonstrate only a bare minimum of effort rather than Maximum Effort that’s required to cut through the ‘clutter’ of marketing messages bombarding everybody today.

Lavish Life Jan-1_Page_1It shows clearly that most people in the salon business regard the ‘job’ of marketing as a mere chore, to be grudgingly endured rather than embraced as the most important task in any commercial operation.

(And don’t imagine that this is restricted only to ‘small’ businesses. The Big End of town is just as guilty. Most big companies have Marketing Departments, as sure a sign as any that they too, mistakenly regard ‘marketing’ as some kind of Lavish Life Jan-1_Page_3
separate, compartmentalized component of business. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Marketing IS the business. Every part of every business should have its ears cocked and eyes open to marketing and sales opportunities.)

If you put a gun at my head and said I could only use one regular method of marketing to my clients and prospects, it would without doubt be a monthly hard copy newsletter. Yet if they do it at all, most salon owners do the very bare minimum, Lavish Life Jan-1_Page_2
throwing a few ‘specials’ into a haphazard  single sheet document and calling it a ‘newsletter’.

Thankfully, there are some salon owners who ‘get’ it. Inner Circle member Louise Adkins of Lavish Life in the little Victorian country town of Benalla is one of them. Louise doesn’t just do a ‘newsletter’ she puts enormous effort into a monthly “Lavish Life’ newspaper, sending it to clients with excellent results.

We have found it is big enough to stay around for 6 weeks, we are already working our new one. On Monday I emailed it to 50 of my clients and suppliers, and placed a cover letter on it as well, if they commented on the paper i would give them a $25 voucher. 5 clients replied and gave back some positive feedback. here are 2 of the ones and i picked up 2 raise the dead clients as well.

I also tell the clients that there is a spelling mistake and a prize for it if they can find it ! makes them read the whole paper …………We are still working on it- we are now re-promoting Valentines day to say “what did you get ?”… nothing or very little, then ‘treat yourself to our Valentines day package as a treat to yourself for missing out!

Louise Adkins' well-crafted and beautifully-laid out client newsletter (actually, more of a 'newspaper'), demonstrating maximum effort rather than the grudging chore most business owners relegate marketing to. IC members can download the full-size newsletter in the MEmber's Only 'sealed section'.

“Hi Lou, Loved the newsletter, it covers a broad range of interesting topics.  Just wondering though, is VPL better than IPL.  I couldn’t determine much difference from the article?”

“I love the newsletter – I seem to read it more than once just in case I miss something!  I especially look out for the deals on the back page…..seeing the savings is a great excuse to book an appt. Keep the newsletter coming. J”

So far this is great ! we have had it mail box dropped to 3 different areas and clients have returned from this, we also place it on our beauty beds on a rolled up towel and give it to our clients before they get on the bed, and explain the specials to them.

It is also in our new client gift bags, and the local paper that produced it came and asked if they could showcase it at their meeting. The local business network are looking to do the same idea, and have said ‘why didn’t we think of it first?’ ! I have places for business to advertise in it and help me out with the costs.

So far to this date we have done in packages-

$99 nail packages= 6

$99 facial packages = 2

1x valentines singles package

$60 IPL vouchers = 5 plus 6 free consultations

Confronted with such a task, most business owners would rather stick their head in the sand and hope it’ll all go away….and go back to furiously cutting hair or doing massages, in the deluded belief that that’s the ‘real’ work.