My Salon Success Newsstand App Smashes The 2000 Downloads Barrier

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Salon Marketing News – My Salon Success Newsstand App Smashes The 2000 Downloads Barrier

My Salon Success App

My Salon Success App

All over the world salon owners are downloading this magazine in their hundreds.  Based on the success of the iPad and iPad mini in the Salon space Worldwide Salon Marketing Pty Ltd, WSM, took action and moved their monthly newsletter “Salon Owner” from print to a digital format. (Now called My Salon Success Magazine)

According to George Slater, Director of Online at WSM,

“Shifting to the Newsstand App first on the iPad and soon on the iPhone has been a revelation to us.  We strongly support the need to communicate with your target clients in the medium they use.  The success of the iPad and the uptake in our target market has meant we’re able to publish a magazine that can now be seen by millions Worldwide rather than just a few thousand.”

He went on to say “the opportunity when we first looked at it meant we could touch Salon Owners in many markets, we truly wanted to be Worldwide and this platform has let us do that.  Not only that be we are able to deliver a multi media product including video interviews, product demonstrations, skills training and more, but each issue really has no limit on space so we can write what is needed not what we have to squeeze in.  This is truly the magazine of the future”.


– iPad sales to Sept. 21, 2012 – 84 million
– Newsstand is topping $70,000 per day in revenue
-Apple Users are more willing to Pay for
Applications and Dowloads

The My Salon Success Magazine if free to download on the iPad Newstand and will soon be coming to the iPhone.  Currently the first issue is free and Subscription is $1.99 per month.

For further information please call George Slater on +61 89443 9327

Salon Marketing News – My Salon Success Newsstand App Nears 2000 Downloads