Free Salon Business Plan Template Marketing Superstars – NZ Inner Circle Member of the Week Tracy Power

Free Salon Business Plan Template Marketing Superstars – NZ Inner Circle Member of the Week Tracy Power

If there is one thing that salon owners are guilty of it’s not rewarding our existing clients enough!  You know, those clients who have been coming to us for years if not decades, spending all their hard earned cash to make themselves look and feel amazing!  We just assume that they would never betray us and go to another salon…

Far too frequently I hear salon owners say,

“Why would I offer this special package to my existing clients when they are already going to come in to the salon anyway and spend more than the package…”

It’s quite simple really…

If you don’t reward your existing LOYAL clients, they will eventually leave and go somewhere that does reward them!!!

Tracy Power

Tracy Power – Woman Day Spa, Nelson NZ

So it was music to my ears today when I spoke with long term Inner Circle member Tracy Power of Woman Day Spa in Nelson, New Zealand.   Last week Tracy emailed her clients a Christmas promotion she found in the Members Only ‘sealed section’ and followed the same format used by Michael Curtis of Blush Day Spa in Perth.

The phone immediately began to go crazy.

Within 2 hours of emailing the promotion Tracy had sold 50 vouchers making $6000.  In fact, the promotion went so well that they ran out of gift vouchers and had to call the printer urgently to have more made!

“I couldn’t believe it, the phone was going so crazy I actually didn’t know what to do!!!  Within 2 hours we had sold all our vouchers and yesterday we sold another $2000 worth.

We have told our clients that we will be releasing another 50 next week and I have already had one client request 20 x $50 vouchers.

Before I sent the email I was a bit worried that I would be giving away too many free vouchers, but when some of my clients came in to pick up their vouchers they were thanking me so much for the wonderful gift…they were just so happy and it made me realise that I need to reward them more often!

And of course some of the clients will give these vouchers to their friends for Christmas so I will get lots of new clients in January too!”

So far Tracy has made $8000 in early bird xmas voucher sales, from an email that cost her ZERO, ZILCH, NADA….Now that’s not a bad return on investment!

But more importantly, Tracy has made her existing clients feel incredibly special with this offer and she will reap the rewards from this in the months and years to come.

Well done Tracy for being our Salon Superstar of the week – You really deserve it