[VIDEO] Instagram – how to use it to grow your salon

[VIDEO] Instagram – how to use it to grow your salon

It’s Marnie here,

Does technology do your head in?

Yep, mine too, in particular, social media – goodness me, it’s just such a minefield, and so much information to absorb, it’s just hard to know what you really need to know, and what you can safely ignore.

I got my head around Facebook pretty easily. But Instagram is a whole different kettle of fish, so I had to learn that too!

And I know -‘cos I talk to a LOT of people in the salon & spa industry, just like me, that there’s a lot of confusion about Instagram and what it’s good for.

Turns out, quite a lot!

So, as part of my new Client Attraction System 2.0 online training course, we’ve produced an entirely new, 6-part video module:
“Instagram Success Secrets for Salons & Spas”
It’s just the first of TEN complete “how-to” modules in the Client Attraction System course, but it’s a crucial one…
…because more than half a billion people use Instagram every day, you can’t really afford NOT to be in front of as many of them as you can.

Here’s just one of the six how to videos, featuring a salon that’s built its business on Instagram, with nearly a quarter of a million followers!

Now, there’s a lot more to getting Instagram right that just what you’ve seen in that video.

The new Instagram module in CAS 2.0 takes you through exactly how to

* Set up your Instagram account correctly (and there a traps for the unwary!)

* Hashtags and how to use them.

* What are Instagram Stories

* How to use Stories

* Stories for Business, and how to Re-Use Them (a great time-saver!)

PLUS a whole bunch of free resources you can download.

To find out more about the Client Attraction System, click on the image below…and I’ll see you on the next page:-)