[VIDEO] Can a DOG really retrieve your salon’s ‘lost’ clients? Well, Rupert can!

Rupert the Dog…famous for retrieving ‘lost’ clients back into the salon.

How much ‘hidden’ revenue are you leaving uncollected, just sitting there, just for the sake of asking?
For Queensland salon owner Anita Clements of Twisted Desire hair salon in Corinda, it amounted to no less than $12,000. And all she had to do was ask for it.

Two weeks ago, Anita signed up for a two -week free Test Drive of the popular ‘Lite’ salon marketing program. She downloaded a series of special, carefully written letters, and quickly edited them to suit her salon’s offer.

Last week, she sent the first letter to just 54 of her ‘missing in action’ clients. Ones she hadn’t seen in a couple of months or more. Within a couple of days, 6 of those clients had phoned to book appointments.

Today I asked Anita how much each of those clients would be worth to her in a full year.

“Well, I’ve never looked at it like that,” she said, “but I guess say $200 a visit, say 10 times a year….”

Her voice trailed off as she mentally did the sums. Six clients, spending roughly $2,000 a year each, and she’d suddenly injected $12,000 annual revenue into the business.
But it gets better.

“The clients were telling me they were so amazed by those letters, they were leaning over their backyard fences, showing them to their neighbours!” says Anita.

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Letter #1 of the famous Rupert the Dog series…the ‘lost client’ retriever for salons all over the world

All for the sake of a few envelopes, a letter, and some stamps. And that’s before she sends out Letter #2 in the series, to the 48 who didn’t respond.

Those letters are the famous ‘Rupert the Dog’ series, one of the better known of our templates to hundreds of our Worldwide Salon Marketing salons all over the world. For many of those salons, Rupert the Dog has been responsible for bringing back as many as 40% of ‘lost’ clients. If you could get even 20% of your lost clients back, at say just $1,000 a year…well, do your own sums.

Here’s a handy tutorial video put together by Chris Sanders of WSM New Zealand on exactly how to use these letters to bring back your ‘missing in action’ clients: