Canadian salon owner says: “I would recommend WSM to anyone that wants to succeed…!”

What works in Australia, New Zealand or…Finland, works in Canada too. From Kleinberg, Ontario, salon owner Robert Amado of Amado Salon writes how his membership of the Worldwide Salon Marketing Inner Circle marketing & mentoring program has changed his whole view of what success in business really looks like.

Robert Amado (Canada) is finding inspiration and instant results as a Member of the Inner Circle Premium marketing & mentoring program

“I have been a hairstylist for many years, 15 of them to be exact. You can get really good at doing your craft as an artist, but then one day you get a brilliant idea of opening your own salon. You think to yourself  ‘heck I’m tired of making everyone else money it’s time I make it for me.’ Here’s where it all starts!!!

When you go to cosmetology school they teach you the art of hairdressing which is GREAT but what they don’t teach you is how to market a successful business.

This is where World Wide Salon Marketing comes into play.

I opened my doors in the early part of 2010 and that’s pretty much it. I knew how to do hair but then there’s the paper work, then there’s managing people and the hiring and firing and making orders and so on and so on. I was headed for the crazy train!  I made a few calls to find out about WSM and what they were all about and decided that I was going to do this.

Candian salon owner Robert Amado and staff with their award for the best salon in their area – “I wanted to share this with you and tell you that this will be my third year in business and I have just won an award as being the best in Vaughan. Holy crap, Amado salon has just be voted as the best in our community and with all the other salons around us that is quite the honour!! Thanks WSM!

What was even sweeter was I had 90 days to try it… but once you try 30 days and you see the  great response you get, then who cares about a 90 day trial?

WSM gave me my personal coach, Alberto Cirillo, who mentored me for a year giving me tons of ideas and how to operate properly, and I couldn’t have achieved any of it with his guidance. What made me feel comfortable was that Alberto also owns and operates  a salon (like all the WSM coaches.)

I will never forget the first words he said to me which opened my eyes. He said if something were to happen to me where I wasn’t able to do hair anymore what would I do?
I had never been asked this question and with having a family of my own to provide for, it was the most important question ever asked. At that moment I knew that Alberto Cirillo and the entire WSM organization was here to help me in any way possible.

The first promo I did was a $270 value for only $99. This promo brought me 29 new clients at almost 1 new client a day calling in to the salon for a total of $2900 in services. So now I knew it was working and so was my staff!! The whole program is almost impossible to finish, actually you can’t finish it just keeps going and going.  If you want to be ‘Pierre the Artist’ this is not the program for you, BUT if you want to be an entrepreneur, if youwant to run your business instead of your business running you, IF you are willing to work on your business instead of in your business then now you are definitely willing to do something brilliant!

I will honestly tell you that there is no easy way! It’s work and its fun, and if you can learn to eat an elephant one bite at a time then you’re on that right track! I would recommend WSM to anyone that wants to succeed!”  

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