[FREE SALON MARKETING TEMPLATE] How to Write Ads That Work for Marketing Your Salon

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Salon marketing is complex, confusing, and so very overwhelming. Read on to learn the evils of discounting, and to download your free salon marketing template – it’ll ease that confusion, overwhelm and stress. “Experts” tell you to make sure you have your logo big and centered, and make sure you ALWAYS discount. Discounting is the…

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[VIDEO] Can a DOG really retrieve your salon’s ‘lost’ clients? Well, Rupert can!

How much ‘hidden’ revenue are you leaving uncollected, just sitting there, just for the sake of asking? For Queensland salon owner Anita Clements of Twisted Desire hair salon in Corinda, it amounted to no less than $12,000. And all she had to do was ask for it. Two weeks ago, Anita signed up for a…

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