Salon Membership Selling

Salon Membership Selling

How to Sell Salon Memberships – and Bring in Cash Up Front!
Marnie here,
Almost every day, one of our Client Attraction System members from somewhere in the world writes to me with a question starting with something like “What do you do in such-and-such a situation…”
But sometimes, I can almost hear the excitement in their voice as they reveal their joy at a promotion that went ‘above and beyond’.
One such Member is Deirdre Cruell of DCStudio in Killeen, a couple of hours south of Dallas, Texas.
Deirdre had originally come to us for help to re-build her existing website, so while my team of designers and technical specialists were doing that, she joined the Client Attraction System marketing & training program…
….and took ‘Massive Imperfect Action‘ right away.
Deirdre wanted a sudden injection of cash. So she studied the Membership Sales module and ‘how-to’ videos in the Client Attraction System and got to work. Here’s how she describes what happened…
Isn’t that amazing?
Power to you Deirdre!
Of course, Deirdre’s far from being a ‘loner’ in successfully selling memberships.
All over the world, our Members are doing exactly the same, following exactly the same system and using exactly the same tools and marketing templates in the Client Attraction System 2.0, and often getting even bigger results.
What would an instant cash injection of $10,000 or $20,000 (or even more!) mean to you and your business?
* Pay an overdue tax bill and get that weight off your shoulders?
* Buy that piece of machinery you’ve been lusting after?
* Allow you to finally get that long-awaited salon renovation underway?
This is how Vivienne Bartle in Tasmania describes what happened when she implemented the Membership sales program in the Client Attraction System…
Selling memberships and bringing in all that cash up-front isn’t difficult
It’s just a process, one that if carefully followed, always results in success.
All it takes is
* Allowing yourself time to promote
* Not simply running an ad on Facebook and Instagram and hoping that’s all you need to do
* Setting up a waiting list and allowing clients to put their name down for when you release the memberships
* Having the right promotional material (material that’s already been proven to work. Why re-invent the wheel?)
It’s why the Membership Module in the Client Attraction System is so important. It takes you through exactly the process, step-by-step, so you don’t have to just guess.
If you’re worried about not being able to do what Deirdre and Vivienne and so many others did, fear not!
As a Member of the Client Attraction System, you get as much hand-holding and actual one-on-one support as you need. Yep, guidance all the way, right from the very beginning.
49 of the 75 available spots in the course are already taken, so if you’re thinking “It’s about time!”, you’re absolutely right.
I’d hate to hear in a year’s time “Oh, I wish I’d done that….this year’s looking no better than last year!”
Take care.

[VIDEO] How Louise sold $31,000 in salon memberships. In one day.

Want to bring in a PILE of cash to your beauty or hair salon business, but don’t know where to start? 

Louise Adkins of Lavish Skin in Benalla, Victoria has been a Member of WSM’s Client Attraction System for 10 years, but she’d never tried selling memberships to her clients like this before.

In this video, Louise describes how she followed the Membership strategy, added a few flourishes of her own, downloaded one of the Salon Membership Promotion Templates from the Client Attraction System– and got to work!

Result: $31,000 in one-day sales, plus more to come.

Here’s how she did it…

Now, for just ONE DOLLAR, you can TEST DRIVE the exact same system Louise uses to drive her salon’s marketing. 

Test Drive the Client Attraction System here for just $1 for 30 days! 

No contracts, no ifs or buts, just hundreds of tested, proven, done-for-you salon & spa promotions, templates and how-to videos.

It’s client-grabbing, ‘push-button’ simple

[VIDEO] How to sell salon memberships – for cash up-front!

Anita ClementsAsking clients for cash up-front puts the fear of god into many salon owners – but not for Anita Clements of Twisted Desire in Corinda, a suburb of Brisbane. Using marketing templates she simply downloaded from the Worldwide Salon Marketing Million Dollar Resources Library, and some guidance on how to use them, Anita planned and executed a Membership drive that netted $9,200 in up-front sales – in two days, from just a handful of her many hundreds of regular clients.

In this video, Anita explains exactly how she did it, and followed it up a day later with a VIP ‘Blonde Night’ that attracted 30 clients brought in another $3,000 in bookings and product sales. (It’s salon marketing like this that’s helped Anita get ‘off the tools’ and work on the business instead of in it.)

(Note to Worldwide Salon Marketing Members: go here to the Members Library to download the actual marketing pieces Anita used to achieve this excellent result.)

Not a member? Go here to find out how to get a 30-day money back guaranteed Test Drive of the entire marketing program ‘My Social Salon‘.