[VIDEO] How this salon sold $16,000 in retail products – in TWO DAYS…..

The pandemic lockdown has paralyzed thousands of salon business owners. Like deer in the headlights, many are frozen into inaction.

But for some, the threat to business survival has galvanized them into ACTION stations.

Like Lisa van Dyk of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand. Lisa is a long time Member of our Client Attraction System and digital marketing services.

With two days’ notice of New Zealand’s impending lockdown – one of the most severe ‘flatten the curve’ countries in the world – Lisa and her team pulled the trigger on a short but incredibly intense drive to sell as much retail product as they could in just 48 hours.

Want results like that for your business? 

Lisa and more than 5,000 other salon owners around the world have used Worldwide Salon Marketing’s done-for-you promotions and and digital marketing services to boost their businesses.

Now, to help salon owners affected by coronavirus, we’ve released our core program, the Client Attraction System, at a one-time-only price.

You can treat the lockdown one of two ways –

“Woe is me!” Or a chance to get some stuff done.  If you are “Woe is me” please leave this site.
If you are wanting to take huge action and make money,  the Client Attraction System is the place to start.  

The Client Attraction System contains a complete, 10-module online video streaming course, plus hundreds of downloadable, tested and proven promotions and graphics you can edit to suit your own business.

PLUS, we’re preparing a whole new suite of “The Coronavirus is Over” promotions to help you get your clients back into the salon, fast!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

Hi, Greg Milner here, the salon marketing guy, the guy who makes salon phones ring even in these tough times, it is possible to make heaps of money. Imagine this selling retail, like it’s going out of style. Here’s exactly how Lisa van Dyke of Gloss Beauty in New Zealand did it, $16,000 in just two days. Would that help your cashflow? Here she is

Speaker 2 (00:22):

So we were having a financial year product retail sale which wasn’t supposed to have been actually launched, um, until after we were actually put into lockdown, but we brought it forward. Um, so we literally only had two days of trading as such, and it was you buy two products, you get a third product for $25, and we sold over $16,000 worth of product in those two days that were literally just retail days and purely for finding clients. Um, ones that were also coming in and only maybe buying one or two products, we told them, you know, if they get an extra one, they’re only paying $25 for it anyway. So yeah, and I would three, four plus products and he had just pint stocking up because they knew they weren’t going to be able to access for however long.

Speaker 1 (01:12):

So how did you reach out to clients?

Speaker 2 (01:15):

Hold them. Yep. Um, I think we had one email that went out and we maybe had one post that made it live on social media. Um, but it was purely through, we probably rang, I don’t know, a hundred plus clients. Um, yeah, just saying that’s what it was.

Speaker 1 (01:38):

And you did $16,000 in sales in two days from a hundred or so clients.

Speaker 2 (01:43):

So I think like if we possibly hadn’t had that before lockdown, we would be in a lot worse position. So just a little bit.

Speaker 1 (01:52):

So you can treat the lockdown in one of two ways. You can say, woe is me and sit on your hands and do nothing. Or you can take some massive action and make some money. If that’s what you want to do, then click on the link to the client attraction system below the video. And, uh, that gives you all the tools you need to actually turn this into a success. If you’re woe is me, then you’ve probably got no place watching this video. See you soon.


[VIDEO] Use Your ‘Super Powers’ – with Julie Piantadosi

superpowersYou’ve no doubt read many articles telling you what to do to become successful in your personal and business life. This is all very well and good, but I’m sure you have also figured out by now that there is no magic trick to win this race.

There is no quick fix or shortcut to the fame and glamour most of us dream of. So where does that leave us?

As part of my role at Timely salon software, I frequent many expos and networking events. Just recently I attended Beauty Expo Australia, and the highlight this year was talking with Julie Piantadosi. She is a no-nonsense type of gal, with a highly contagious and positive spirit. Her wealth of business experience makes her a powerful and effective speaker. As I chatted with her and listened to all the amazing things she does, I couldn’t help but wonder “How does Julie do it!?”

Check out Julie’s website here!

salon software

Salon Spa Marketing: “Wow…it’s AMAZING how my business has changed!” says small salon owner

Salon Spa Marketing: “Wow…it’s AMAZING how my business has changed!” says small salon owner

90 new clients every month, and $109,509 in extra sales for ’08

(IC Members: Log into the Members Only section, navigate to Getting New Clients – Hair, and you’ll be able to download the exact ads and text messages Rechelle describes here)


“I have been in business for 11 years and never had the success that I am having now….I have been a Worldwide Salon Marketing member for about 5 years, but didn’t change much about how I marketed my business so obviously I didn’t get the results.

“The salon was not doing so well in 2007. Things were really bad. I then made a decision to do something about the business. So I took action; I went off the tools working only three days in the salon and two full days on the business at home in my office.

“The first thing I knew I needed to get sorted was the marketing and be consistent with it.

Every month we did two big promotions via text message. Each SMS was to 2000 clients. We had a massive response from this particular SMS.”

(Members: Log into the Members Only section and navigate to “Getting New Clients – Hair” to copy the exact text Rechelle used)

“This SMS I started to send out in June 2008 and we are still sending it every fortnight.

“Sales increased in 2008 by 40% compared to 2007! That’s $109,509 extra (Real Big Green Ones) in 2008 sales.

“I also did this exact promotion in a newspaper advertisement which also was a huge success.

“It was a half page ad costing around $350 each time and was placed each month from July 2008. We are still placing the ad every month and it’s still working.(Members: Log into the Members Only section and navigate to “Getting New Clients – Hair” to copy the exact ads Rechelle used)

“We also did all the normal marketing such as newsletters, new clients letters, birthdays and referrals all from the Toolkit. We are getting an average per month 90 new clients. Retail sales have gone through the roof, up $6000 per month.

“The Toolkit gave me the tools, the ideas, the ingredients to make my marketing fantastic and I was persistent with it and it gave me real results. I have attached a copy of the newspaper ad and a picture of myself receiving the best customer service business award for 2008.

All the best, Rechelle Watt, Lamonde Hair Face Body, Toukley, NSW.”