Worldwide Salon Marketing NZ Sponsors Marketing Excellence Award, NZ Beauty Awards 2013

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I announce Worldwide Salon Marketing NZ will be a principle sponsor of the NZ Beauty Awards on July 6 and more specifically of the newly created ‘Marketing Excellence’ Award. The Awards will be held at the Pullman Hotel & Resort, Auckland.

We believe that this new marketing award is a great addition to the current set of awards and brings focus to the importance of the business and marketing aspect in our industry, which is just as important as the service and technical side.

We love to support our industry and we very much view the Beauty Industry (both hair & beauty) as the ‘People’s Industry’.  Helping our salons become stronger, in turn makes our communities become stronger – after-all, a salon is a place where people go to feel better about themselves and become part of a community.

The Marketing Excellence Award will be judged by an independent panel and is open to every Clinic, Spa, Day Spa, Resort Spa, Medi Spa and Salon in New Zealand (regardless of size, location or the number of staff) operating for two years or more with a fully qualified professional Therapist/s.

The winner of the Marketing Excellence Award will win a marketing package with a value of over $5,500  – more details to be announced in the next few weeks!

Click here to find out more and enter the Marketing Excellence Award now

Worldwide Salon Marketing NZ will also be at the NZ Beauty Expo & Business Summit, being held the same weekend as the awards.  We’d love to see you there!

But for now, Click here to find out more and enter the Marketing Excellence Award now

Best of Luck

Chris D’Aguiar-Sanders

Director, Worldwide Salon Marketing NZ

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