How to set up a salon business for sale [VIDEO]

Marnie sold her salon business for a big payout

Marnie sold her salon business for a big payout

Many salon owners dream of ‘cashing out’ after too many years of hard work, building their business. Too few achieve that dream. Not many even get a sniff of interest.

When Marnie and Peter Doman sold their Perth beauty salon, they had a queue of eager buyers. Yet just a few years previously, they were broke, the salon was barely breaking even.

But by the time they put the business on the market, it was seriously profitable, with a buy price well into six figures. How did this happen? Put simply, the prospective owners were buying a system. Marnie and Peter weren’t selling a business, they were selling a well-oiled, highly-organised system for bringing clients through the door, fulfilling services, and sending clients out the door having extracted – ethically and legally – as much money as possible, every single time.

That system – or systems – were so successful that Marnie’s husband Peter Doman now works for Worldwide Salon Marketing, setting up the same kind of system for our Member salons and spas. Here’s how Peter describes the process they put in place.

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