Hair extensions – Very Profitable, but you still need to sell it HARD.

Hair Extensions templateHair extensions are one of the most profitable services for any salon. But you can’t simply post a glossy picture and hope for the best. Like all direct response marketing, it still needs to be accompanied by a compelling OFFER, and reasons to call you NOW (eg, scarcity, limited to the first X to call etc)

This template allows you to insert your own details, along with your offer, guarantee, scarcity etc.

You can use it as a mailbox flyer, turn it into an image for Facebook and Instagram, and upload it to your own website.

MEMBERS: Click HERE to download in Word (editable) format. 

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[VIDEO] Why ‘old-fashioned’ salon marketing still works

[VIDEO] Why ‘old-fashioned’ salon marketing still works – Two interviews with salon owners who swear by the effectiveness of ‘old-fashioned’ hard copy marketing.

These videos were recorded about the time when it seemed many salon owners had become seduced into thinking that modern marketing was all about social media, email and text messaging…because it’s (allegedly) free.

In this video, Catherine Hanson of City Looks in Winnipeg, Canada, and Marnie Doman (then of Evoque Spa in Perth, Western Australia) reveal the huge impact direct mail and print advertising have had on their businesses.

[VIDEO] Why ‘old-fashioned’ salon marketing still works


Salon Marketing: $300 Hair Salon Ad Turns Into $9,200 in new Sales and 15 New Customers


Chris Burkinshaw

Salon Marketing: $300 Hair Salon Ad Turns Into $9,200 in new Sales and 15 New Customers

Inner Circle member Chris Burkinshaw of Turning Heads in Wagga, New South Wales, reports terrific success from a cheap little ad he ran in the free newspaper in his town last week. 

Chris took a salon template from the WSM system (see My Social Salon here), modified it to suit his salon, and booked space in the paper last Wednesday to test the offer.

Within two days, 7 bookings. By Monday of this week, another 8 bookings. And still coming in.

Ad cost: $330

Total sales so far: $9,200! (In a week.) That’s a gross return on investment of 27 to 1.

Plus, at a new to frequent client conversion rate of only 50%, and average annual client value of $1000, his salon marketing adds up to an extra $7,500 of extra annual revenue. Do only that every week, and you’re adding $390,000 to your annual turnover, in a year.

As Chris says, “We’ve never, ever had this kind of response from our newspaper advertising before.”

Now, only Inner Circle members will find this salon marketing ad in their email in-boxes in the next few days, but I will tell you what the ad DIDN’T have in it.

It didn’t have glossy pictures of glamorous young things sporting impossible-to-maintain hair styles that only have a place on the catwalk. It didn’t have vast acres of blank space, or clever tag lines. What it DID have was LOTS of text, a great OFFER, a simple, compelling headline, a guarantee that would make most salon owners vomit with fear, a Call to Action – and the name and contact number of the salon at the bottom of the ad, where it belongs, not the top of the ad, where most business owners would put it.

(NOTE to Members: watch out for this ad in your in-box. Feel free to use it.)