Puppy Love – How to Sell on Emotion, Not Logic

Puppy Love – How to Sell on Emotion, Not Logic

Digby the Australian Cobberdog

About 18 months ago, the Milner household acquired a new member; an Australian Cobberdog puppy we called Digby, after my late father.

He rules our life, tells outrageous lies, and steals everything that’s not nailed down. But of course, we adore him. It’s hard not to fall instantly in love with a puppy.

There’s an old saying in marketing; if you wan to sell an expensive, ‘luxury’ product, sell on emotion, not logic. And there’s no wallet-opening buying decision more emotional than looking into the eyes of a cute pup.

6 weeks old and super cute

Digby came to us from Western Australia’s only breeder of Cobberdogs, Deb Reuben’s Alkira Australian Cobberdogs in Margaret River. Digby’s sister Daisy had given birth to six girls, they’d be ready to go to new homes in a few weeks, and Deb had no buyers lined up.  Since we already manage the marketing for another business of Deb’s, she approached us for help. These puppies would be ready for new homes in just three weeks

My gun digital marketing specialists took over. Within days, Deb had a flood of inquiries, deposits paid, and more coming in. 

Here’s how that happened: 

First, I told Deb she must record a short video with the pups. I wanted this for a landing page, to take inquiries from a Google ad campaign we were about to set up. 

By the following day, we had that video:

Next, I told Deb to get testimonial videos from owners of earlier puppies she’d sold.

Here’s just one of them:

Using those videos, including one from me and Michelle with Digby, my team built a landing page to take inquiries.

Go here to take a look at that page.

Once the landing page was ready to take traffic, our digital advertising specialist Golda created a targetted series of Google ads. They look like this: 

Google ad for the puppies

Within days, Deb’s inbox was filling with inquiries like this:


From Ursula in Shoalwater:

From Ursula in Shoalwater:

I am very interested in your breed and would love to talk to you about a puppy. I am in touch with a Labrador breeder and was doing some research and came across the Australian Cobberdog I am 52 live in Shoalwater I haven’t had a dog for a while as I was doing a lot of travel … I am ready for a dog again and would like to train it to be a therapy dog – I have already looked into the training in Melbourne. But even if we don’t go that route I am VERY interested in your puppies and the breed.

From Teena

From Teena

I am very interested to know if any of the puppies are still available and if so when we could view them. 

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