[VIDEO] Baltimore salon owner reveals how she gets 10 New Clients a Week – from her Mobile App!

Getting your salon marketing message out to your customers, clients and prospects used to be relatively simple – because you had very little choice when it came to which ‘media’ to use.

You had word of mouth of course – always the best kind of advertising. You had one-on-one, face to face marketing. Maybe some direct mail and the occasional ad in the local newspaper. And if you were really adventurous, some radio and possibly TV. Now? Well, the range of online and offline media is enough to make the mind boggle.

And then again….

Why are apps becoming so important for small businesses like salons & spas? Because your clients and prospects are starting into them – and using them – all day, every day.

There’s ONE form of media that almost every single one of your clients and prospective clients is carrying with them, pretty much 24 hours a day. Their smart phone. And they’re staring into those little screens, for hours and hours. When they’re at work. When they’re watching TV. On the train or bus. When they’re in your salon. Which is why more and more smart salon owners are opting for a ‘smart salon app’ as a key plank in their marketing armoury.

For Baltimore salon owner and Worldwide Salon Marketing member Jill Turnbull, having her clients download the app WSM built for her salon has brought in an extra ten new clients per week….and that’s just from the referral tab within the app!

[cf]Jill Turnbull[/cf]

Our technical department here at WSM has built dozens and dozens of apps for salons & spas, and they’re starting to have a big impact. If you want to see what a your own salon or spa app might look like, grab your own smart phone, go to the App Store or Google Play store and download one or two of these recent examples:

 For a Cosmetic Clinic:  For a Hair Salon:  For a Beauty Salon:

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