NZ Salon Success: SMS Gets Maree Hoare of Red Hair 12 bookings in just 30 minutes!

Maree HoareIt’s less than 2 weeks in to 2014 and our Worldwide Salon Marketing members are already out of the blocks with a roar with emails and phone calls coming in to our office from excited salon owners telling us about their successful campaigns.

This morning I spoke on the phone with Maree Hoare, of Red Hair in Palmerston North.  Maree joined us just one month ago and has shown immediately what it takes to be a successful marketer of her business.

She hasn’t sat around waiting for the phone to ring, instead she’s got straight down to business, is creating her own success and taking complete control of her business.

When Maree opened her salon this morning she noticed some gaps in the booking system later in the week.  So armed with the tools she needed to fix that problem, she opened up her computer, visited the members only template website and found an SMS example that she could adapt for her own salon.

She sent the message out to just 400 people of her SMS list and within 30 minutes had no fewer than 12 bookings.

“With schools being on holiday it gets a bit quiet around this time of year in Palmerston North, I need to keep my team busy and so at this late stage it seemed a text message to my clients would be the quickest option to fill the gaps later in the week.  It took me a few minutes to put the message together from the examples on the website and then I sent it out and within minutes the phone was ringing hot! The system says the SMS’s are still being sent out so I am sure I will get even more calls than the dozen we have already had in the last half an hour.  But I am really happy with the result.”

The hair offer Maree sent out by text was for $79.  Given that a text will cost about 10c per message that’s a $40 cost for a return so far of $948.  I would call that a great return on investment.

And the message also saw at least 2 long lost clients make a booking in the salon.

Since joining WSM in December, Maree has already put in to action steps to help her work more as a marketer on her business.  Could you imagine earning $948 in 30 minutes if you were cutting someones hair or doing a facial?  Not likely unless you are the hairdresser to David Beckham.  So Maree is already seeing the value of her time spent marketing rather than being a technician cutting hair.

And in addition to Maree’s amazing SMS campaign she also launched her mini memberships last week which she has already sold 7 bringing in and extra $1400 in income.

A massive congrats to Maree for her great start to 2014 and we can’t wait to hear more from her as the year progresses.

For WSM members, you can see the SMS that Maree sent on our members only Facebook forum. Click her now to check it out.

If you are not a member of one of our WSM programs but want to kick start 2014 the way Maree has done then click here now to apply and one of our team will be on the phone to you immediately. Or call one of our worldwide offices to speak with someone now.

New Zealand 09 476 1592

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NZ Success Story: Find Out What Happened When The Local Paper Accidentally Deleted The Phone Number from Lynette Adams’ Mothers Day Ad!

There are some really crucial elements to any successful salon marketing ad or flyer, an attention grabbing headline, a strong offer, guarantee, use of scarcity and of course a call to action.

So when Lynette Adams of Glory Salon in Thames, Coromandel recently put together a Mothers Day campaign using a Worldwide Salon Marketing template, to run in her local paper using all the above marketing elements, she was excited about what results she would achieve.

But her excitement soon turned to anguish when the paper arrived in her letterbox only for her salon PHONE NUMBER to be missing of her ad.  She checked the original and the phone number was there, but the paper had accidentally deleted it when converting the file to a PDF.  The call to action was completely gone.

Now you’d expect the salon phone to be quiet as a mouse.  Instead, what happened completely amazed and amused Lynette.  Here’s what she emailed to me…

“I have sold 19 of the ‘out of order’ Mothers Day packages already!!! + when I saw the ad they had left off my contact details (somehow they had got deleted from bottom when converted to pdf) so they are going to run it again this week for free! Kinda cool that still got response from people without the number as they would have had to look it up.”

You see, what happened here was that the other parts of Lynette’s ad where so strong and enticing that people actually took the time to find her salon’s number in the phone book or on the net and call her to book.  Her customers simply didn’t want to miss out on what was on offer.  That’s pretty amazing and goes to show how incredibly effective and powerful the Worldwide Salon Marketing templates are, even when they are not used 100% right!!!

And there was one other thing that really made her ad stand out.  She got the paper to print the ad upside down.  Yes that’s right, upside down…except that bit was done on purpose.

WSM members can view the ad used by Lynette in the members website by clicking here now

Now I am not saying you should all leave your phone number off your ads from now on, but just imagine what would have happened if the phone number was on the ad!!! It will certainly be interesting to see how Lynette’s follow up ad goes with the phone number on it.

And Lynette went on to tell us how she had done in the last 12 months since joining Worldwide Salon Marketing…

“So happy just looked at figures up $4000 on last March!!! + I started WWSM end March last year so from 1 April to 31 March this year increased my turnover by 50% AMAZING!!! Sold $5000 more in vouchers as well =) Thanks so much for all your help really appreciate it! Lynette x”

Keep up the great work Lynette!  And make sure the paper send you a proof next time!

If you want to achieve results like Lynette then call me now on ** *** **** (haha, just kiddin 09 476 1592) or email me – or if you prefer you can click here to fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.


Happy Marketing

Chris D’Aguiar-Sanders

09 476 1592

0800 029 668

Profitable Salon Templates: Lynette Rogers, LA Hair & Beauty, Tanilba Bay, New South Wales

IC member Lynette Rogers of LA Hair & Beauty in NSW – 100% growth in her salon in 6 months since getting her Toolkit

“When I joined the Inner Circle program and got my Toolkit I only had 4 staff, now have 6 staff, soon to have 8 or 9 staff…..what does this say 🙂  Super-excited Lynnie! Since I started sending out the newsletter 4 months ago, income has increase $2000 – $3000 just from newsletters. Staff are doing 20% retail and 50% re-booking, getting there!!

Thank u thank u thank u!!! And there is still more and more and more to do!

(Oh I put on another full time senior hairdresser today, she starts tomorrow! OMG! That’s 7 staff and in a few more weeks another apprentice!! Thank you again for everything.)

I recently spoke to another salon owner at a Delorenzo conference, who had your program and she said she had not seen any results! I basically told her she was crazy and lazy and to open the damn thing up and get to work!! With my salon with over 100% increase since March, what a goose! I later heard her husband telling her off and she came later for more advise! Just wanted to let you know of that experience I had and how dumbfounded by the conversation I was…lol

All the best and keep up the great work.


Lynette Rogers

PS: I’m going to get myself a nice new shiny car and go over to South Africa in the new year!! with all my success why not 🙂

LA Hair and Beauty
Shop 10 Tanilba Bay
Shopping Centre
Tanilba Bay NSW 2319″ntire system, including the Toolkit.

Beauty Salon Marketing: Success breeds Success – see how UK member Clare Cockell is taking Massive Action

IC member Clare Cockell of The Reef in Kent, UK. Excitement breeds excitement…

Yet more evidence – if any were needed – that losers whine about the economy, while winners create their own economy.

Almost every UK salon owner who applies for Membership of the Inner Circle Premium program complains bitterly about how they ‘can’t afford it because the UK economy is so bad…’

Well, don’t tell Inner Circle Premium member (4 years) Clare Cockell that. Clare, who owns The Reef in Maidstone, Kent, is living proof that there really is truth in the old saying about ‘shaking the tree and seeing what falls out…’

Read Clare’s email from last week, and watch the video below…

Hi Greg,

I hope you’re well?

Just thought I’d let you know about my recent marketing responses. We’ve just had the ‘Winter Warmer’ and a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) early bird Christmas gift voucher day…
The Winter Warmer was sent out in an email to our database of 2500 clients (approximately 500 people opened the email), sent by post to our top 200 clients and put on our website – so far we have had 56 bookings and I’m sure there will be more as it’s available until the end of November. So far that is £2,184 that we wouldn’t have taken!

Quite a few of the bookings were also from new people, or current clients bringing friends who hadn’t visited before, and a couple even rebooked to have it again a week later! All in all very good and we will definitely repeat it next year! the team is also buzzing as it’s keeping them busy and giving them something new to do and focus on.

We advertised our buy one get one free Xmas voucher day in the local paper, again sent it to out top 200 clients, put a poster and balloons in the window, gave out approx 500 leaflets in town and sent out 2 emails to our database of clients (with approximately 500 people opening the first email, 394 opening the second with 170 people clicking through to our website to see what vouchers would be available).

On the day there was a great atmosphere! We sold approximately £9,000 worth of BOGOF vouchers online and in salon (I don’t know exact numbers as it only ended 17 hours ago and I haven’t added it all up to the exact amount yet).

We had some new customers bought vouchers, lots bought for people who have never been to us, a couple of people popped in for treatments from us being out leafleting, the salon was busy so more people stopped to look while passing or came in, and word of mouth was great (one guy came in and said I hear you’ve got buy on get one free vouchers today, I want to get some for my mums birthday in December, when he found out they weren’t valid until after Christmas he paid for 2 at full price!). Again the team loved helping organize and it kept everyone motivated and excited!

We’ve also noticed because of these two promotions that our general normal priced bookings have increased, obviously because we got people talking and our name out there again. If you want to look at the emails sent, let me know.

Thank you for the regular emails, for keeping me motivated and my mind ticking!

Have a great weekend (I know I will!)


Clare Cockell
Spa Manager

The Reef
22 Gabriels Hill
Kent ME15 6JG


Salon Marketing Strategies: Inner Circle member (5 years) Lesley Morgan-Wesson, ‘Lady at Bay’, Sydney

Lesley Morgan-Wesson’s salon has become an award-winning, substantial business in the 5 years she’s been a Member of the Inner Circle program

“Hi Greg,

I don’t think I have ever worked as hard in any business I have either owned or worked for, as I have done in this one… so I’m certainly pleased to share with you some of our recent successes, which are the result of tireless endeavour…

Having succeeded in being the salon that everyone in the area copies, over the last year-and-a-half I have been approached by 4 local spa and salon owners who wanted me to buy their businesses, which if they had been any good I would have… But I’m sure you’re over the stereotypical salon, so I won’t bore you with details.

At the beginning of the year, quite unexpectedly, I received notification that our Lady At Bay therapists had been judged Sydney’s best for 2010 and last week we won the Mosman Daily Small Business Awards again as North Shore’s BEST Anti-Ageing & Beauty Centre… I must say, it’s very gratifying, when you’ve worked hard to achieve excellence in everything you do, to get recognition from customers, shadow shoppers and independent business analysts from the NSW Department of Industry & Investment.

Lesley’s four-page monthly newsletter – Members can download a full copy in the Members Only ‘sealed section’

Attached you’ll find a copy of our November newsletter – one of these is mailed to every client each month at the beginning of the month and they are loved by staff and clients alike, one of whom told me she files them because of the interesting articles. These take hours of research and, because I’m pedantic, hours of proof-reading and jiggling with layout. This is in addition to the systemized direct and email marketing, SMS campaigns, new client letters, referral letters, newspaper advertising, window marketing, in-salon posters, leaflets… and on and on it goes.

It has taken 7 years of dogged determination and relentless focus to implement everything that you have preached and to systemize everything in the Toolkit and an infinite amount of patience to cut through the crap that I’ve had to deal with in terms of staff… same things you and all your members experience… no different.

BUT…. it’s the commitment to learn from mentors, to learn from experience and to learn from failure that determines success! One day you pull your head up, settle your bum down and realise… crikey… I’ve built a really substantial and successful business… one that’s absolutely bursting at the seams to multiply and grow.

So that’s the beginning…

I’m now looking forward to the next part of the journey… with you and the Team at Worldwide Salon Marketing there by my side.

Kindest regards and deepest respect,

Lesley Morgan-Wesson

PS: In this industry, you’d be better off working hard to be the best employee you can be, rather than being a lousy worker who has subsequent problems with the boss and then with stars in your eyes you go and get into a business that you don’t have the ability, focus, endurance or cash for.