[VIDEO] UK salon owner reveals how ‘old fashioned’ marketing still works!

Hannah McEnteggart of Oasis Health & Beauty Spa in Great Missenden, UK

When Hannah McEnteggart of Oasis Health & Beauty Spa in Great Missenden sat down to address envelopes to 50 of her ‘lost’ clients, she had no idea the contents of those letters would have such a dramatic effect.

A day later, her phone started ringing…and kept ringing, over and over again, in the coming weeks. No fewer than 48 of those 50 ‘missing in action’ clients called and booked appointments – a response rate of 94% – and of those, 92% re-booked!

If you haven’t already figured it out, good old-fashioned direct mail still works – if you do it the right way, as Hannah discovered when she joined WSM’s Lite marketing system, and began to download a series of proven hard-copy marketing letters instantly to her computer.

In this short video, Hannah told me how she was staggered at the response, not just to the ‘lost client’ letters she downloaded from the program – another promotion brought her 6,000 pounds, a massive increase on the year before.

[cf]Hannah McEnteggart[/cf]

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