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Greg Milner is interviewed about Worldwide Salon Marketing

Salon Marketing for Beauty Salons, Hair Salons and Day Spas. Worldwide Salon Marketing Pty Ltd was incorporated in February 2005 and is privately held. In September 2009, the company was named among Australia’s 100 fastest growing small to medium companies by Business Review Weekly magazine.

See what people have to say

Check out what Salon Owners are saying about Worldwide Salon Marketing.  These business marketers have all been through one or more of our Salon Owner programs.  These programs are designed to change them into real business marketers and their salons into cash generating machines.  If you want similar results then take action yourself by calling one of our offices. The numbers are here. 

Salon Marketing Owner Lesley Morgan Wesson is set to make $1M.

Lesley Morgan Wesson’s story is very inspiring. Lesley talks about how she uses WSM as mentors.  Also that there are now 28 salons around her and says she has a target of $1million that she will hit.  Yes this has made a huge difference to her life.  Sales up 36% and doubling month on month figures.

Salon Marketing results from Sarah Smith of Zensara in NSW

Sarah Smith shares her results from using our salon marketing templates and tools. Sarah says that she came very close of doubling her turnover and also buying more space.

Emma Prestidge Of Essence Hair NSW

Emma Prestidge explains her successes from using our Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit. How she has had over 90 clients return from just one series of carefully-drafted client letters, more than 100 new clients from letter box drops…and how she’s recently doubled her sales figures. Emma loved having a support team and confidence in using things that had already been proven to work.

Coralie Allen’s Business has Doubled!

Coralie Allen’s business doubled from just using our Toolkit!
Coralien says that within 2 months her business has doubled and that she now gets 10 new clients a week. Now she loves running her business again and feels like a real business owner.

Nariman Dehaiby of Nariman’s Paramedical Therapy

Nariman Dehaiby says she loves the Toolkit. Listen and watch as she shares to the world the changes our Toolkit made to her business. “Very pleased to double my results and sales.”