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“Thank you for your BRILLIANT BRILLIANT marketing!!!”

Aw, shucks… I never get tired of hearing that. But all the more so when it comes from an Inner Circle member who began with the considerable handicap of being born in one of the most troubled countries on the planet. A third-world currency, constant civil and racial upheaval, drugs, violence, you name it. South Africa was at the back of the queue when the Big Guy was passing around the Lucky Dip bucket.

South Africa's Fairoza Tippens (middle) and staff - an amazing story of success against the odds

South Africa’s Fairoza Tippens (middle) and staff – an amazing story of success against the odds

Fairoza Tippens hardly looks like a toughened, battle-hardened entrepreneur. But toughness is a mental thing. 18 months ago she left her country’s troubles behind her, flying 20 hours from Cape Town to Sydney just so she could attend one of our seminars – she was that desperate to get her hands on the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® and join the Inner Circle program, even her country’s basket-case economy wasn’t going to stand in her way.

Last week came this amazing story of grit, determination and hard-won success in her salon business as a result of that do-or-die flight half way across the world…

Hi Greg,

Yes I know, I was supposed to call you last year already, but I was terribly busy with my new money-making Spa. (Firstly, let me apologize for the Susan Boyle comment, your article was hilarious and I couldn’t resist!!!!)

As you know I have moved my Salon into a Spa and into an upmarket area  (targeting the least and last affected by a bad economy) and I’ve been on a roller-coaster all the way…

Greg, you will be pleased to know, since opening on the 30 October 2009 (I’ve been with the Inner Circle since September 2008), I was approached by (one of South Africa’s biggest companies) to put Spa-Bella in all 4 of their Wellness centers.

Brilliant, I thought…. I had two weeks to find staff, get organised and BREATHE as the launch was on the January 27… Within 2 1/2 months I have 5 (FIVE) Spas, little old me……

I could do NO pre-launch marketing and I needed to stand out from the other Beauty Service Provider ( who has been in the Centers for 6 years) on the day of the launch… but I knew she’d be doing the normal kind of ‘pretty’ marketing and clearly not Inner Circle-style stuff…. There were rules about colours to be used ( ‘NORMAL’ AGAIN), dress code and all the usual crap that goes with narrow minded marketing.

I have higher- end clients at my main Spa in Willowbridge and therefore attract beautiful , sophisticated higher- end therapists (and no, I  do not employ them purely on their looks).

SSSOOOO …. I had asked a few of them to come ‘dressed to kill’ in black but still professional, got my staff of Spa-Bella at Blu (the company’s Wellness Centres are called BLU) to wear their designer suits, all wore skirts to diffrentiate between Spa-Bella Willowbridge and Spa-Bella Blu.

I obviously wore a blue cocktail dress!!!!! I got my product’s reps to give free Spray Tan, Waxing, massage etc to everyone that gave us their details, made bookings or met with Blu’s Therapists… the unsuspecting clients had to go through my medley of Healthy, Intelligent,  Good-Looking, Sexy  Therapists who gave out red Ferroro Roche® chocolates.

Our ” Grand Opening” offer  was for R199  (199 Rand – about $US26) and as much verbal info the therapists could dish out…. Suffice to say, whoever walked into the exhibit saw my stand FIRST!!!!!

There was a problem, the other beauty spa was not impressed, as they looked and did the ‘normal’ and I felt there was a complaint on the horizon and thought maybe my Spa was going to be put out of the Centers. After a sleeplesss night , got a call from the Centre saying they needed to see me urgenly.. GRRR, I got there, with no make- up thinking they not impressed anyway, only to be told, they are so THRILLED to have me on board, all their staff are raving, and asking who or what we are, some men were itimidated but definately going to try us out…. The BIG boss himself sent word that he likes my ideas and hoped I stick around and be patient with them, they are trying !!!(hmmm… I need to twist their arm about me doing my own ‘Toolkit-style” marketing though)

As for Spa-Bella Willowbridge,  I started implementing most of the marketing ( got challenged by staff but that didn’t deter me)…and  in November and December we sold 479 packages @ R199. Xmas vouchers I still have to re-check but was over 100 sold (the R199 was more attractive)… this is besides other treatments booked and products sold….. In my two months at Willowbridge I’ve brought in just under R 200,000 ( still not enough but okay:-)

We have over 700 contact details and growing. Next week my Valentines Ad’s heading is ” Beauty Spa promises that their products contain no sexual stimulants” lol.

I know I am supposed to call you regarding the Academy ( I REALLY WANT TO ATTEND), but can’t be definite yet as I’m still sourcing the RIGHT staff and trying to get everything implemented (I let go of my Receptionist the 1st week of December- don’t have time for S#@t… SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT). I know, I know take action now….

I have been doing all different sorts of marketing and can truly see that doing everything at once really pans out, I just have to keep my head above water and AWAKE at all times!!!!

I read a forum once where an Inner Circle member said she’s aiming to be a “Michael Curtis” and I thought, I am aiming to be a ” Greg Milner”…. no disrespect to Michael of course!!!!

Thank you for your BRILLIANT BRILLIANT marketing!!!

Fairoza Tippens

p.s. I am COMPLETELY off the tools and go dressed to kill everyday to work!!!

When she got her Toolkit 18 months ago, Fairoza Tippens was in the same position as most salon owners - desperate, barely able to keep the doors open. But oh, what a difference Action combined with the right Tools makes.

When she got her Toolkit 18 months ago, Fairoza Tippens was in the same position as most salon owners – desperate, barely able to keep the doors open. But oh, what a difference Action combined with the right Tools makes.

Fairoza, I take my hat off to you. And if anybody ever says to me “my business is in a poor area/the economy’s to blame/I can’t afford it” yada yada yada… I’ll send them your details and say “well, if SHE can do it….”