New Inner Circle member Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Canada – inspired and lifted by the instant results of her first ‘WSM-style’ marketing campaigns.

I’ve often pondered what the ‘real’ value of the Toolkit and the Inner Circle program is to struggling salons. And it’s clear, going by feedback like this from salon owners like Shola Olorunleke of Quinn’s World Salon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) that the real value is not so much the proven tools, templates and strategies the system provides, but the sense of motivation, direction and sheer inspiration that lifts the spirits of so many.

Here’s what she writes:

“Since our last coaching call some amazing things have been happening. I got the glamour package flyers printed (10,000 copies). I was lucky due to a promo at the printers, I got them printed for 2c each instead of 4c this cost $200.
I put everybody at the salon to work folding the flyers when they weren’t busy. We finished folding and bundling the 10,000 on Sunday. I dropped them off at Canada post distribution center for delivery on Tuesday morning before 11am. Wednesday morning our letter courier mentioned he had our flyers for delivery and before 12noon we had started getting calls and booking new clients.
It has been a week and we are still getting calls. So far we have 20 new clients booked from the flyer. The cost for getting the flers out was canada post 12c each = $1200 and printing 2c each= $200, this totaled $1400. From the bookings we have so far this cost is already paid for.
I just signed up with an online marketing firm that offers coupons to their subscribers as daily deals, before I wouldn’t have done this as I would think that I will be losing money. I jumped at this opportunity because I now underdstand the life-time value of the guest.
We are offering a winter hydrating package (haircut and hydrating treatment) a $65 value for $32. There is no out of pocket cost because the company designs the offer, sends out the emails to subscribers in Saskatoon, and sells the coupons.
I am also sending the poster to be printed for the Christmas gift certificate offer.
We have also started the Queen of referral program and I plan on doing a contest in the new year for our guests. The newsletter has been a hit with our guests.
But here’s the clincher. There’s no doubt that success breeds confidence. It’s amazing how so many members of the Inner Circle program suddenly develop backbone and resolve – to run their businesses with their heads for a change.
The morale in the salon is better, my 2 stylists are excited as they are busier.
I have also taken a firmer stand as I have one stylist who comes to work late and 2 Saturdays in a row didn’t show up for work. We were scrambling to take care of some of his clients and call the others to reschedule their appointment. I had a meeting with him and let him know that his behaviour will not be tolorated any longer (this is after 2 warning letters) and that if it happens again, he should just come in and get his stuff as I would assume he had quit.
I have already put an ad out for a hairstylist and will be interviewing 2 potential stylists in the next few days.
Before I joined WSM I was frustrated, stressed out and constantly worried but now I know what to do to get the results I want to take Quinn’s World to where it should be. It is a lot of work and a lot to take in and do but with the amazing materials in the Toolkit and online, the work is a piece of cake. I am more focussed and I cant wait for what the new year has in store as I know that this will be my best year yet.
THANKS TEAM WSM, Greg and my coach Alberto.
Shola Olorunleke
Quinn’s World Salon