Inner Circle Premium member Danielle Tripodi of Tonic Beauty Retreat in Swan Hill, Victoria – until a few months ago Danielle was a sole operator on ‘Struggle Street’. Business is now booming.

There’s an old quote of Dan Kennedy’s that keeps ringing in my ears.

“Do something. Be somebody. Be somewhere.”

It’s very reminiscent of that very Woody Allen statement that ‘eighty percent of success is just showing up‘.

Danielle Tripodi of Tonic Beauty Retreat in Swan Hill, Victoria is no different from hundreds of other Inner Circle member salons all over the world.

One minute she was doing what she had always done, doing it the way she’d always done it – the hard way, slugging away at the beauty business one day at a time, never really getting ahead, wondering if there really was a ‘magic pill’.

Then in July this year – just two months ago – she joined the Inner Circle program, got her Toolkit, immediately starting taking ACTION…and suddenly, as if a miracle, Things Began to Happen.

Which brings me to an admission:

There is no magic pill. The salon marketing & mentoring Inner Circle program, the Toolkit, the Members Only ‘sealed section’…. none of it is a ‘magic pill’.

But…what Danielle and so many others have discovered is that it does trigger great things. Great things happen in the hair and beauty business when these tools are combined with enthusiasm, an open mind, and a resolve to…think BIG, not small.

Danielle was tripping over her words with the excitement of it all when I spoke with her this morning. Click the play button and listen in.

But a warning: enthusiasm can be contagious!



If you do NOT yet have the tools, the guidance and the on-going support that Danielle and so many other salons and spas around the world are enjoying, here’s your chance:

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NOTE: Salon & spa owners in Australia, the USA, New Zealand and Canada are coached one-on-one by our own Direct Response Marketing experts in those countries. Salon & spa owners in the UK, Ireland and Europe are coached and supported by our head office in Australia, while we seek appropriate representation in that part of the world.

Here’s where Danielle’s salon is located: