Marnie Kallmeyer – WSM member 5 years – owner of Evoque Salon in Perth. “I bought a Jeep!”

Five years ago, Marnie Kallmeyer was broke. Her Perth beauty salon was struggling week to week, she’d lost her house, she was on the verge of nervous breakdown.

So I couldn’t help but smile this week when Marnie turned up at my office in her brand new $60,000 Jeep SUV. She’d picked it up that morning from the dealer. “I wanted to show you that you were right,” she said. “I can’t thank you enough for everything Worldwide Salon Marketing has taught me about marketing & the salon business.”

(And for those salon owners who watch this and think ‘she must be working 80 hours a week’, take note: two months ago, Marnie broke her hand, putting her completely out of work. In the next two months, her salon’s turnover & profit hit new record highs!)


If you own a salon or spa and you’re struggling, fed up with not making enough money for yourself, then isn’t it time you took action?

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