FREE audio recording – Listen in as USA Members describe how their businesses have thrived in the recession

If your salon business is suffering, on the brink of closing the doors, barely able to find the rent – you’re not alone. More than a hundred US salons are closing every day.

While the Australian economy has weathered the economic storm better than any other country in the western world, the US has been among the hardest hit.

And yet…and yet, all over the USA, there ARE salons and spas that are thriving, despite the economy. How can that be? Simple – they have the right tools to bring customers in the door.

These salon owners don't reveal their success secrets to everybody

These salon owners don’t reveal their success secrets to everybody

Listen in on this tele-seminar, recorded LIVE on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, as salon owners Mario Raia from Ethos in Vancouver, Washington, Susan Vincent from Body & Soul Day Spa in Staunton, Virginia, and Dr Tim & Kanna Reilly from Body Solutions in Scottsdale, Arizona detail the strategies they’ve used to grow their businesses by as much as ONE THOUSAND PERCENT – right in the middle of the worst economic downturn in 70 years….

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