Inner Circle Premium member Sarkis Akle of Hair by Phd – dramatic increase in sales and new clients since upgrading from Lite

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Sarkis Akle, owner of Hair by Phd in Parramatta, Sydney, only upgraded to the Premium program from Lite in February this year. The effects on his salon’s sales has been dramatic.

It’s a testament to the power of good salon marketing copy… and implementation.

Here’s what Sarkis says:

Got some figures that I would like to share with you guys.
These are based on a comparison between April 09 and April 10, keeping in mind in 09 we had record turnover for our business and we are not working off a small base.
1. Turn over up 16.5% from $62,926 to $73,346
2. Rebooking up 19.5%
3. New clients up 104%v – 95 new clients this April.
4. Total clients up 11.9%
5. Retail up 8%
6. My personal takings are down. All the growth has been with the staff.
7. Avg client sale is only up by $3.50, however with the amount of free services we have done it’s still pretty good.
8. We sold 25 of the $99 Mother’s day packages last week, just through in salon promotion.
Thanks to you guys, I am so pumped about my business. My dream is to pay all my debts off and finally be able to buy a home for my family.
Thanks Guys!

Hearing from salon owners like Sarkis is what makes my job the best in the world – giving people the tools, and the knowledge, to make more money for themselves.

Congratulations Sarkis. You’ve won a special WSM prize, it’s in the mail!