Susan Anderson of Lillian Mac Skin Clinic in Moranbah, Queensland – $35,400 in Gift Voucher sales in three days – in a mining town of just 7,500 people!

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We’re often asked ‘will the your  marketing program work for me, I’m in a small country town/poor area…’ etc etc. I give the same answer every time: YES! Just check the results Susan Anderson achieved in a little mining town of (mostly men!) just 7,500 people:

“I have found that my best results for any promotions are to deliver my newsletter as a flyer. I do this once a month with my monthly specials and any other news etc that is going on in the salon.

So my April newsletter went out with (a special offer) plus the dates they were available and the terms and conditions that I have on them.  I also had it on my chalkboard outside the shop and had flyers in store.

I then sent one more flyer as a reminder the week before the event.

I found that this was enough to get everyone talking about it and as we are a small town the message was out!!

They went on sale from Wednesday the 5th of May to Saturday the 8th of May, we finish at 2pm on Saturdays so I also wrote that in the newsletter too.

We did this offer for Christmas and had great results then so I was prepared to do it again, I found that we were busy right through January February and March which is usually the quiet times of the year and also found that when people come in with a voucher they are willing to spend more on other things or add more to the voucher, so my takings stayed the same and did not drop at all, also I have secured my customers for the next six months!! What more could I ask for!

The next three days were very busy selling the vouchers and we ended up  selling $35,400 worth of vouchers in a town of 7,500 people, mainly male dominated I might add, as we are a mining town, I thought this was an amazing result.

Once again thankyou so much for your ideas help and encouragement Greg. It would not have been possible without you. Now I can pay my tax bill!!!”