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Caroline Martelli (2nd from right) and staff at Martelli’s Beauty & Makeup in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand

Salon Marketing Ideas That Made This Salon Superstars – Inner Circle Member of the Week: Caroline Martelli

Congratulations to Inner Circle member Caroline Martelli of Martelli’s Beauty & Makeup in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand for a cracker of a result from an advertorial layout in her local paper this week.

Caroline joined the Inner Circle program in June and one of the first things that she said to me after joining the program was “Chris, I am going to be your best member ever!”

And if her first month in the program is anything to go by, she is certainly keeping her word.  You see Caroline is a perfect example of someone who takes massive action.  She has a great attitude, has implemented numerous techniques from the Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit™, found out what works best for her salon and has seen her business thriving in just the few weeks the doors have been open.

Caroline ran a combination editorial and ad in her local Sunday paper and by the next day she had 14 new clients.  Four days later she has now got a total of 24 new clients from that one ad, and they are still calling.

“I am totally gobsmacked,” says Caroline. The ad cost Caroline $450 to run and has so far brought her in over $2,300 in one week.  If only 50% of those new clients become regular clients worth around $1500 per year each, then that will have increased Caroline’s annual turnover by $18,000…Not bad for a single promotion!!!

In addition to this Caroline has also booked in 26 clients (11 new and 15 existing) from a combination of ‘Raise the Dead’ letters (from the Toolkit), new client letters, a mail box drop, in salon promotions and much more.  Keep up the great work Caroline!

Want the ad Caroline used? Log into the Members Only ‘sealed section’ and navigate to ‘Getting New Clients – Beauty’ and you’ll find it under July 23, ready to download.

New Zealand salon owners: if you want the kind of results Caroline is getting, call Chris Sanders in our Auckland office, 0800 029 668