I’ve often written that losers blame the economy for their salon’s poor performance. But winners create their own economy.

Robert Amado (Canada) is finding inspiration and instant results as a Member of the Inner Circle Premium marketing & mentoring program

Canadian salon owner and new Inner Circle member Robert Amado is clearly a winner. Writing from his Amado Salon & Spa in Kleinberg, Ontario, Robert can barely hide his enthusiasm and excitement for the impetus, motivation and results he’s achieved since joining the program and receiving his Essential Salon Owner’s Marketing Toolkit® just a few months ago…

“GREG, there’s nothing like good icing on the cake!

I joined WSM in July of this year. It is a lot to absorb, especially just starting out as a business owner. (But then again you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time). The Toolkit has helped me tremendously and having the coach is great!

I have implemented the 99 dollar added value promo in a local magazine which was supposed to come out at the beginning of October but didn’t get distributed until mid October.

Since I put it out I’ve received 10 new clients. That’s a client per day since it went out and people are still inquiring, asking if there are any packages left! :).

The kicker is that I am going to put out a winter package soon and one of my staff said ‘don’t you think you should slow down?’

HA! So I made her a deal and said ‘sure, you can pay the bills and I will slow down!’ Also I have in the salon for clients to pre book their next 3 appointments and they can enter to win 100 dollars worth of hair services. And lastly the Queen of Referrals program works beautifully. I believe in no time I will be putting down the tools and the only tool I will need is the Toolkit! Greg, thank you for your knowledge. I’ve taken action and I’m working my way up to the massive!

Robert Amado
Amado Salon
Kleinburg ontario