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There IS a phenomenon among certain types of entrepreneurial salon owners. A phenomenon that, once triggered, creates more activity, more business, more profits, than they ever previously imagined possible.

Such a phenomenon has just happened to one of our long-term Inner Circle member salons, Blush Professional Beauty Touch, owned by Nicole Bertrand, in Sale, Victoria.

In just one year, Nicole’s business has grown from takings of just $30,000 in December, 2009, to a staggering $144,000 in December 2010.

Even better; her entire quarterly sales in 2009 averaged just $45,000. That’s considerably less than a single month’s takings now, just a year later.

Now, for those readers who immediately scoff and think ‘oh, that’s probably because her salon is in the middle of a wealthy, free-spending city area…. think again.

Her salon is in a little country town over 200 kilometres east of Melbourne.


Press the ‘play’ button and eavesdrop as Nicole explains exactly how she grew so big, so fast…