Salon Spa Marketing: “Wow…it’s AMAZING how my business has changed!” says small salon owner

90 new clients every month, and $109,509 in extra sales for ’08

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“I have been in business for 11 years and never had the success that I am having now….I have been a Worldwide Salon Marketing member for about 5 years, but didn’t change much about how I marketed my business so obviously I didn’t get the results.

“The salon was not doing so well in 2007. Things were really bad. I then made a decision to do something about the business. So I took action; I went off the tools working only three days in the salon and two full days on the business at home in my office.

“The first thing I knew I needed to get sorted was the marketing and be consistent with it.

Every month we did two big promotions via text message. Each SMS was to 2000 clients. We had a massive response from this particular SMS.”

(Members: Log into the Members Only section and navigate to “Getting New Clients – Hair” to copy the exact text Rechelle used)

“This SMS I started to send out in June 2008 and we are still sending it every fortnight.

“Sales increased in 2008 by 40% compared to 2007! That’s $109,509 extra (Real Big Green Ones) in 2008 sales.

“I also did this exact promotion in a newspaper advertisement which also was a huge success.

“It was a half page ad costing around $350 each time and was placed each month from July 2008. We are still placing the ad every month and it’s still working.(Members: Log into the Members Only section and navigate to “Getting New Clients – Hair” to copy the exact ads Rechelle used)

“We also did all the normal marketing such as newsletters, new clients letters, birthdays and referrals all from the Toolkit. We are getting an average per month 90 new clients. Retail sales have gone through the roof, up $6000 per month.

“The Toolkit gave me the tools, the ideas, the ingredients to make my marketing fantastic and I was persistent with it and it gave me real results. I have attached a copy of the newspaper ad and a picture of myself receiving the best customer service business award for 2008.

All the best, Rechelle Watt, Lamonde Hair Face Body, Toukley, NSW.”