Who else gets technology rage?
Let me tell you about the technical gymnastics we often have to go through on behalf of our members, just to get their tech ducks in a row. Marielle, one of my full-time staff in the Philippines, has been wrestling with Google for several days, trying to verify Google My Business listing of our client and live online.

(It can be a tortuous process). Depending on Mr. Google’s mood on the day, he’ll sometimes allow instant verification with an automated phone call reciting a 6 digit code to the business owner. Other days, the only way you can do it is by triggering a postcard, which can take weeks to arrive.
Yesterday, Juliet, was at the airport in Boston, about to fly down to Jacksonville, Florida where she’d set up her new business.
I was in touch with her via text message, and liaising with Marielle via Zoom chat. You’ll see from the screenshots below what a convoluted process it can be.
But essential – getting your Google My Business listing into the “Big Three” at the top of search results is the most valuable online real estate you can have. We know that GMB verification can be tricky, and it is not always a viable method to verify Google My Business by postcard. So, finding out how to verify Google My Business without a postcard could be crucial for some businesses.
Visibility on Google searches is highly crucial not only for online businesses but for all. Google my Business provides its users a vital opportunity to appear in Google search results with relevant information and Google Maps with all the contact details. And this opportunity is free.
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