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In my previous video, I showed you why it’s important to ‘optimize’ the photos on your Google Business Listing.

(If you missed that video, it’s here.)

And in the post before that, an easy way to get more reviews on your Google Business Listing.

(That video is here if you missed it.)

In this video, how to check that your lovely looking website is also doing its job – in other words, getting in front of people searching for the services you sell!

One of the key ways to help Google help your website up to the top of search results is making sure your photos are ‘optimized’ for best results.

It’s something that few website developers pay any attention to.

But it’s a vital part of what’s called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.

(You’ve heard of that, right? It’s the dark and detailed art of making sure people find you, ahead of your competitors.)

Take a look, and once you’ve watched this video, do a check on your own website.

Want a FREE “Health Check” of your website and Google Business Listing? Just fill in the form below, we’ll do the complete audit for you, and send your report within 48 hours, complete with suggestions on how to improve your ranking, get more leads, and make more sales…

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