Marnie here,

What if you could attract more clients to your salon while you sleep…

…or while you’re enjoying time with friends and family…

…or even while you’re away on an overseas holiday?

It’s the dream of many a salon owner, isn’t it? Yet, for many of our Members at Worldwide Salon Marketing, it happens all the time.

And it’s all thanks to an incredibly simple, but very powerful tool that my technical specialists install on almost every website we build for salons & spas, all over the world.

It’s called a Lead Magnet…

…it’s just a little form called an ‘opt-in’, offering the website visitor a reason to hand over their name, email address and phone number.

Many of the websites we’ve built and maintain for salons & spas have literally hundreds of people fill in their lead magnet form, and in some cases, turned more than 300 people into regular clients in a single year.

It’s kind of like having an unpaid salesperson!

Watch this short video as WSM’s founder Greg Milner describes how it works:

(and below the video, find out how you can get this done for you, so you too can start getting a steady stream of new leads and clients!)

That’s an incredibly powerful strategy, don’t you think?

And it works brilliantly.

In April 2019 alone, forty four prospective new clients filled in that little form on Allura’s website!

That’s 44 people who, for the sake of a little $25 giveaway, can be turned into regular clients.

Let’s do some numbers here:

Let’s say that only 20% of those people book a second service. That’s ten people. And that’s happening at Allura every month!

It’s such a simple little tweak, but hugely effective in generating new business.

It’s like having an unpaid salesperson, working 24 hours a day for you. Kinda cool, don’t you think?

Is YOUR website working like an unpaid salesperson?

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