For any local business like a salon or spa, the most valuable online real estate you can have is a position in the “Three Pack” of Google listings under the map.

These businesses get more than 90% of the phone calls and website visits:

Smart salon owners (like our Member salon, Allura in Berwick, Victoria) know that being in the Three Pack isn’t just the luck of the draw, it’s about setting up your Google Business Listing (GBL) with just as much love and care as you might put into your own website. 

In this video, watch as I show you just one of those ‘love and care’ processes – tweaking the pictures before you upload them to your Google listing. 

Comment below if you need help with this. 

And here’s a bonus – fill in the form below and our team of digital marketing specialists will give you a detailed Website & Google Business Listing Health Check for your business (a $245 value – FREE!) 

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