Do you simply give your client the service she booked – or do you use every opportunity to upsell products and other services?  Here’s how to do both.

The treatment room is an amazing opportunity, yet so few therapists use it to even a fraction of its potential to build relationships and make sales.

It’s an opportunity that many experienced sales people would sell their own mothers for…. yet most therapists in my experience use it for nothing more than ‘doing the job’ and passing the time of day.

For an hour, two hours, even three hours, you have a captive audience, the complete and undivided attention of your client.  A golden opportunity.

She can’t go anywhere. Her mobile phone is (or should be) turned off.  Her friends can’t phone her, the children can’t get in, her husband or boyfriend is locked out.

Imagine that! Your treatment rooms are their own little, cocooned ‘sales bubbles’ that can only be penetrated by you and your staff. What a fabulous, wonderful , priceless, unique opportunity to ply your trade!!


And yet…

And yet….

Most of the time, in most salons, this ‘golden’ opportunity is completely wasted.

Here’s how to get more out of your treatment rooms than just the treatment that’s been booked in.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Treatment Room Selling

Hint: It’s all about your client, not you.


  • Don’t immediately launch into gibberish about what you did over the weekend, the trouble you’re having with your boyfriend/husband, why so and so is a complete cow, or the lousy working conditions here.
  • Do ask about your client’s wants.  Your client knows what she wants, You know what she needs!  You’re the Beauty Therapist, you are the expert, you know all the different products to use and procedures. Your client doesn’t. That’s why she came to you. Well , duh.

It’s about building rapport – a real relationship – with the client. And this is equally important for a new or existing client. It doesn’t matter.

For example:  Your client comes in for an infill for her acrylic nails.  You need to ask questions like:


  • When was the last time you had your nails infilled?
  • Do you like the existing shape of your nails?
  • How long do you like them to be?
  • How long have you been having your nails done?
  • Have you tried many other salons in the past?
  • What did you like about the other salons?
  • What didn’t you like about the other salons?
  • What sort of industry do you work in? (this helps determine the length)
  • Have you been happy with the life of the acrylic being used on your nails?
  • Do you normally paint them at home, if so, do you use a base coat?
  • How often do you change the colour of your nail polish?
  • Do you normally match the colour with your toenails?
  • Have you ever had a pedicure? (Sell the benefits. Offer your client a time to have her pedicure.)
  • Are there any areas in your nail and hand care that you are unsure of? (Meaning: do your hands feel dry or greasy?)
  • Have you ever had a hand treatment? (Sell the benefits. Offer your client a time to have her hand treatment.)
  • Ask your client about their skin care products. Tell them about your products.  Use the touchy-feely technique.  Be enthusiastic.  Put some skin care products on the back of her hand.  Let her smell and feel the product.  Sell the benefits.   Not the features.


Don’t speak Industry Technical language. Your client will not understand a word you are saying – why should they? – and will probably switch off.

Do speak your client’s language.  Speak in easy to understand terms.  Sell the benefits, the ‘why’ she should use these products or have these procedures, the outcome of using these products and having these procedures.

Don’t keep your knowledge to yourself.  It is not ours to “own”.  It is ours to give to others. Sharing makes people feel great.

Don’t forget to tell your clients about current special offers, future special offers, client reward programs.

Do choose a product and treatment of the month to retail.

For example,  you and your staff may decide to choose facials to promote, as well as a moisturizer.  It’s dead easy.  Every single client, existing or new, is told about the most fantastic, awesome, mind-blowing facial of the month.  Remember, lots of value add. And if you need some help with the concept of value adding or some more brilliant ideas, click onto

But here’s a start:

Tell your clients that when they purchase the moisturizer they get this SPECIAL  $60.00 one hour facial and they ALSO RECEIVE FREE:

  • free eyebrow shape – valued at $
  • free eyebrow tint – valued at $
  • free scalp massage – valued at $
  • free neck and should massage – valued at $
  • free soothing eye treatment – valued at $
  • free luscious lips treatment – valued at $
  • free de-stress mask – valued at $
  • free foot massage and a hand treatment– valued at $





Your client will love all this value you’re giving them for free…. making the sale of a product easy.

Remember, sell the benefits of the moisturizer (your chosen product of the month), explain why it is soooo important that your client has good skin care at home.

And don’t forget to book your client in for the next amazing special for next month.

Your client will want to come back for more and most likely will want to tell her friends about you.

Here are some more:


Do encourage your client to look her best.

Do recommend a complementary business to your client.  Share your knowledge of a great hairdresser in the area, a gorgeous dress shop or a shoe shop.  These businesses will recommend you in return.

Don’t bag the opposition.  When your client tells you of a bad experience she had with another salon, don’t badmouth the other salon or beauty therapist.

Do listen and sympathise with your client and above all else…… LEARN. Share this knowledge with your work colleagues.


Interesting fact: You have two ears and one mouth. Sounds like someone intended you use your ears twice as much as you use your mouth!